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spiney sea urchin barfing??

Mr S

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I've seen it many times and alot of it. I havent looked it up to see what it is but I dont think it bad, probably time to google it


Found this

When an urchin is ready to spawn, it releases a chemical signal into the water that makes every urchin around it release their eggs or sperm at the same time. This mass release of gametes increases the chance that the eggs will be fertilized. Divers and snorkelers may see clouds of gametes released by spawning urchins, and in sufficient numbers, spawning urchins can even turn the water milky.

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Hey...................... I thought you had to show it pictures' date=' buy it dinner, etc.[/quote']


not if it really really really likes you


it wants to make babies with you roger, id run if i was you, you cant even begin to explain that one to the misses




yes, yes, i know, i have problems, just do what i do, deal with it

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