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Protein skimmer


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I'm selling my old protein skimmer. Workes great. Came with a brand new pump. An AquaMax 2500. Ive only been running it for about 1-2 months. It was too large to fit in my sump so I had it set up next to the tank. But I just got a hang on skimmer that works perfect in my sump. Dont remember what bradn the skimmer is. Its hard to read the sticker that was on the skimmer. This it said it was a Sea something skimmer. I re-sealed all of the joints with weld-on 16. No leaks. It did have a small crack near the return, but I re sealed it with weld on and ithasn't leaked in the 1-2 months its been running. Havent gotten around to cleaning it yet, but will probably when I get some free time. Looking to get $60 for it. Thats what I bought it for minus the weld on. And I can include all PVC pipes and ball valves that are on it for running it remote if you want. Again $60 or trade for some frags? The pic is from testing when I first got it.


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