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Thanks Grassi


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Got a sweet deal on some Ricordia's through Grassi and I just wanted to share a little with you guys so you get the idea...they hooked me up with 12...yes 12 Ric's of various colors just like I requested...and trust me when I say they didn't disappoint.


Here are a few....still trying to figure out this camera....and photography as a whole so I apologize if the pic's don't do them justice. Plus their location makes some of them kinda tough to shoot. I took 72 pictures and ended up with just these that were worth showing.












I did already lose 3 or 4 of the one's that were picked off my rocks during their cleaning from my fish. A few I found in a mojano's mouth...it's crazy...I am not quite sure what killed the mojano..(scratch)..if it is the massive glob of Aptasia Control that I pumped into his mouth(scratch), or when I jammed my stainless steel 24 inch tongs into his mouth and twisted and grinded it to a slimy pulp..(scratch)..(nono)..I am thinking it was probably from eating the ricordia's just before all of that stuff that killed it though;)

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