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WTB tank/complete setup


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So I am still looking for a tank for the doctors office where I do the tank maintenance. They are a great group of people and do much assistance for other people including helping low income people who need but cannot afford services, which is why they make so little money. Any of them would love to do some trading for an upgrade from the current 10 gallon tank they have.


You could trade for some massages or chiropractic services or physical therapy or counseling(nutty)..... (including marriage counseling(naughty))


Anyway I am looking for donations of any reef equipment for a 29 to 40 gallon aquarium I need everything but the skimmer. I could even use donations of LR since I have already given all I can (3 medium rocks).


You will be well compensated I can assure you. So if you have a tank and stand, or light or ?????? Layin around and live in the portland area. Why not get a couple hours worth of massage?


I just have softies, right now but it would be nice to get a halide for some sps in the future.... Would be happy with PC or T-5 lights too....


Thank You


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Do you know anyone handing with tank repair? Not glass...but center brace. I have some idea's that should work and a custom brace that was made for it but I think it should be replaced. If so I have a 72g Bowfront with Stand and sump. Sorry no lights, skimmer, or even pumps. But it is already drilled and I have all the plumbing. You would need a pump and whatever other equipment you desire. I'm just saying.

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