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reflector cleaning


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i just picked up a small light that has a 12" reflector. it is covered in salt and corosion. does anyone know what to use to get it back to being shiny(or some what close to shiny). and if anyone knows how to tell what a ballast will push would be great as well. i tried to look it up, but i couldn't find it. it is a custom sea life sl-37 ballast. thanks

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I suppose it is made of alluminum? In this case a solution of vinegar+water. But sometimes the passivation is too strong and the only way to get rid of it is buffing the metal. Unfortunately reflectors are too thin and it is not possible for the final user.

You can make it clean, probably not shiny :-(

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well, the 50/50 mix worked. a little too good though. i didn't notice the bends in the reflector were covered in "rust" before i started. when i finished, i found that it was the only thing holding the top and sides together. i now have a 3 piece reflector, but on the bright side, it looks just like a mirror now.

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