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Anyone have recommendations for small custom tanks & stands?

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Looking to do some 15x15x15 inch cubes. Preferably high quality glass, drilled for bulk head fittings, and rimless.


Stand wise, I'll be needing something that I could bolt into a wall, or through a wall on the studs that would hold somewhere in the 100-125lb range at least. Metal stand/shelves would be ideal, but I have some ideas for wooden ones also.


Anybody have recommendations? Either for a person who could do this, or for places where I could get the materials to do it myself?


If you know prices, or a ball park range on what it might cost that would help too.


Just trying to get an idea of where to start.

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Re: Anyone have recommendations for small custom tanks & stands?


I agree, Dave at "the locker" as I've heard it called is a real pro at stand construction and is always so friendly. I just purchased a hawain beauty there tonight and was going to pay for 5 gallons of RO/DI and he gave it to me complementary just for buying the fish.


I always feel like I'm part of the gang there. I'll be back!



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