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Some aquarium website across the pond


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There is some nice tanks on this website. I think David Saxby is associated with this forum as I see his name quite a bit there but I cant understand much of what is being discussed my German is not up to snuff I guess. Although I do know what they meen when they talk Deltec....hehehe




Watch these 2 movies making of a reeftank.....






Like this one....this guy here has stuff man!




Click the links on the right. Its like their tanks of the month


Man I wish I could read this page....now where is that translation webpage thingy...oh yea here it is

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Yea...they really get into their hobbies over there. I have noticed that with everything they do it seems. I do nitro remote control airplanes and see the websites over there and they really like the old warbirds. They have some really big flying replicas....then again so do us here in the us.....

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