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Gauging interest in my current Desktop PC


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I am looking to sell my current system since I need the $$ bad right now. I am only gauging interest right now but if a solid offer comes in it is sold. This is a solid system with no issues. I will be installing this with a brand new fresh hard drive as well.


This system originally cost about $1k to build and is really fast.


What I would offer:


My desktop computer, System only (no monitor or keyboard or anything but the box and its contents):


I have all the install disks for everything on the system. I will install a fresh install of windows XP pro and fully update it. I would probably load some other goodies to make life easier depending on your requests. The system is clean right now but i will make sure to dust it again as well.


-AMD Athlon 64 Dual processor (2 x 2.61 ghz)

-4 Gigabytes or Ram running in Dual channel mode (very fast)

-320 gig hard drive 3 gig/s SATA

-DVD Rom 3 gig/s SATA with lightscribe

-Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS video card (monster card can support high powered graphics, runs two monitors)

-Gigabyte motherboard runs solid and could be upgraded to a higher processor if desired

-On board Sound supports Surround sound plus has digital audio out for high quality

-8 total USB ports

-Built in gigabit networking

-Built in card reader for almost all types of cameras flash cards (SD micro SD etc…)

-Energy efficient quiet running 430w power supply. Controls all fans so they only run as fast and loud as they need to, to keep the system quiet

-Case provides :

• Volume meter

• Fan speed

• Case temperature

• 1 firewire port

• Front sound (headphones)

• 2 front side USB

• Groovy Blue Lighting

• Top and rear fans

• Well ventilated



This system worked great attached to a TV as well. no lag or issues.



Make me an offer

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