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UPGRADE TIME...2x2x2 Cube up for sale!!!!!


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I have a 60 gallon cube style tank that I currently have up and running. It measures 2'x2'x2' and is an acrylic tank, with euro bracing. Tank itself is drilled for a closed loop, and I will include all plumbing needed to run this setup. Also included are the custom made stand and hood (hood opens from front, and both sides, along with top portion that lifts up for easy access to metal halides or whatever lighting you run). There is also a custom fit acrylic sump that is included as well, with filter sock holder, and various chambers. The closed loop pump I had running this setup is a Reeflo Snapper, and can be included with the tank for an extra $100 (note: will sell at $100 ONLY to person buying rest of tank setup). Worked as a great saltwater reef setup, I just have plans to get into a bigger tank! No livestock or lighting included (but do have some halide options if you would need some). Asking price is $600 for tank, stand, hood, plumbing, and sump.


More pictures of tank running can be seen here:



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I told you about it in your 'wtb cube' thread' date=' but got no reply.[/quote']


You did? OH, I think it was because it might have been early on in the search. I was stuck to looking for a 90 to 125....didn't settle for the 60 until I saw it in person. But I can say after having one that this is an awesome tank and if I could afford it I would buy it and have both up and running. I would have a ton of room too because I am sure my wife would want to move out at that point. The other thing was acrylic....I really wanted to go to glass. Now I realize that the only problem acrylic has is scratching....if I could figure that out I would go back....no doubt.

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