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Wow - My last for sale thread was a bit pricey!


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So, I realized last night after looking on RC that a lot of my stuff was priced ridiculously high. Most notable the OM 4-way. Holy moly I had that thing at a crazy price. My apologies to all who saw my last post - my overpricing was not done on purpose.


So, here is what is left, with new prices. If you see something you like, make me a reasonable offer. If I still have something overpriced, let me know and I will look into it. I am not trying to take advantage of anyone.


After this weekend, much of this will be listed on RC.


Some of the equipment listed will have to wait until I can give away my porky puffer. There is an ad for him here:




I have noted what equipment I cannot sell until he is safe in a new home. (its the stuff that says "puffer" after the price)


All equipment is working, unless otherwise noted.


Please email me at nc.1 0 9 7 8 5@gmail.com (just take the spaces out of the numbers). Or you can PM here.


Thanks, and happy shopping!


150 GAL T Acrylic (NEW) (blue back, Center O.F.) $495

155 gallon Glass Bowfront w/ Stand and Canopy$800

H&S Skimmer A150-F2001 $400 Puffer

Octopus DNW 200 Recirc. Skimmer $175

Oceans Motions Four Way $260 SOLD

Reeflo Blackfin Pump (bf6000) - 6000GPH (NEW) $200

Air, Water, Ice 3 Stage RO/DI $100 Puffer

2 Little Fishies Phosban Reactor with MJ $25 PufferPuffer

2 Little Fishies Phosban Reactor with MJ$25 PufferPuffer

Lumenarc Reflector, Socket, Ballast, used bulb $145 SOLD

Lumenarc Reflector, Socket, Ballast, used bulb $145 SOLD

Lumenarc Reflector, Socket, Ballast, $145

Aquamedic Ocean Light 250x2 MH + 2 VHO 3 ft. $275

Dolphin Pump 3600 Ampmaster $100

MAG 18 $90 Puffer

MAG 24 intermitent starting$25

Sybon Refractometer (NEW)$30 SOLD

Acrylic Sump Large ~24 Gal$90Puffer

Acrylic Sump Small ~12 Gal CUBE; Would make great nano; $60

Sea Clone no pump, really just for parts $5

Carbon almost full $5

GFO 2/3 Jar$20

Maxijet 600$6Puffer

Maxijet 1200$8Puffer

Maxijet 600$6Puffer

Maxijet 600$6Puffer

Rio 3100$15Puffer

Rio 2100$10Puffer

Heater New Rena Cal 200W$15Puffer

Heater New Rena Cal 200W$15Puffer

Heater Used Rena Cal 150W$10Puffer

Wooden Sump 120G $130 Puffer

Gen-X Pump PCX-40X Needs Volute (~$30)$20Puffer

Over Flow - Std. U tube$15Puffer

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How old is the ampmaster 3600?


Total age, I honestly don't know. I bought it used on RC about a year ago and have never used it. I did verify that it works. The previous owner had just installed a new impeller and volute on it right before selling it, which is apparent when you see it in person.


Sorry I could not be more help.

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