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Calcium Reactor, CO2, Reg, Controller


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Calcium Reactor


Dual Chamber built by Eric at Marine Aquatics. Large size, probably good for 300+ gallons. 2 available, 1 full of media, one not. Both have MAG3 pumps. Full of media $160, empty $150.


CO2 Tank/Reg


20lb CO2 tank and Regulator. CO2 from BEVCO2 and has a brand new, like 2 month old, hydro testing. Clear full of CO2. Regulator is the standard dual guage model. One of the plastic guage lenses broke, so I am not charging much for this. I am selling the tank and regulator for $140, and BevCo2 is one of the cheapest places to refill in the valley. $15 for an exchange and they will give you the most recently hydro tested tank if you ask for it.





Milwaukee Controller. SMS122. Set it and forget it, it does all the controlling. $60



If you buy the complete setup, Reactor, Tank, Reg, and Controller I will sell it for $340.

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