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TDS problems


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Well this isent looking good. Being that I have been dumping TDS into my tank for for a good six month at least now, as I was a dumb %$# and had my filters on my RO messed up.

Seems allmost all the SPS have stopped growing and or dieing now. All three of my bird nests have dead spots on them now. Most of the Monti's arent looking good at all. None of the fish, inverts or softies seem to be bugged at all by what ever it is.


I have fixxed the RO water problem as it is reading 8 on the meter now and was reading 199 for however long I was dumping that stuff in there. I have made 3 partial water changes, have allways been running some carbon. I went and got some Poly filter the other day and its not showing any colors on it as well.


API test's kit

Cal, 420

Alk, 8 or 143.2

PH stays between 8 and 8.3

No Phosphate, Nitrate's or Ammonia that I can find

salinity 1.025

temp about 78


I don't know what else to do now but keep changeing water and ride it out and see what lives and dies. Has anyone else delt with TDS in there tank? And does this take a wile to get this out of the tank?


O and to top it all off I found a nudi eating my purple haze the other night

Heven forbid I have to deal with a bunch of moni eating nudi's right now.

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Sorry to hear about the continued losses steve. Sorry about being so quick on the phone yesterday(was in the middle of buying a new truck, lol)


So the polyfilter hasn't shown any color change? I think it is just going to take alot of time, water, and carbon changes to get anything out you may have put in over the last 6 months.


You did change your lights out also correct? Could be a little shock from the new bulbs (depending upon how bad the old ones were)


Just grasping at straws now, I have gone thru the same frustrations and have unfortunately never found the culprit.



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Man sorry for what ever happened-I feel like a nube since I have zero idea of what you are talking about-Adding TDS?

I know what TDS stands for, and I remove all of them out of my water before mixing salt-DUH huh.

I think you are saying your meter was screwwed up and instead of using water around 8 TDS you were using water closer to 200????


I dont getthis;

"Alk, 8 or 143.2"


is there a typo in there?


Boy I hope someone jumps in and can offer some advise-


I know its hind site but for 30 bucks get the dual inline TDS meter, it measures incoming and outgoing-I added one so I know when to change my filters on my 60.00 RO/DI unit-(laugh)


the DL-2;


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Oh' date=' and what test kits are you using for alk? I find that my API kit reads about 1-1.5dkh higher than my lamotte lab kit.[/quote']


agreed on that, actually my personal experiance with API kits, you get out of them what you paid into them...where they much cheaper than the rest.


Sorry for my sarcasim but they mis lead me for a long time. I can test the same water with a salifert test and then an API kit and you would think I was testing two different sources-they are "crapola"-In my own first hand personal experiance of using them, and I have used, instant ocean, tetra, red sea, and salifert and more.


Its salifert 4 me

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O and to top it all off I found a nudi eating my purple haze the other night

Heven forbid I have to deal with a bunch of moni eating nudi's right now.


I have a 24" eye dropper that works awesome for getting those rotten nudis out-you are welcome to borrow it

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NP Mike. Yea I did change all the T5 bulbs out and they where only a year old so I would think it wouldent bother them much.


If the API test is reading low, then I am sure that isent helping as that would put me at or under 7.


I might give you a call after work and check with yours.

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If you add the baking soda check your PH first. If the PH is low (which it probably is) then bake the baking soda first at 300 degrees for an hour or so to drive off the CO2. (I just throw some in the oven along with whatever else we are baking as it doesn't hurt to go higher or longer)

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