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Thanks Rick


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i have a shout-out for rick as well, i took my tank over to his place sunday to get it drilled but had to get home before we could get it done, Rick said it was ok to leave it at his place and he'd get it done that night or the next morning and i could pick it up monday afternoon, he called me twice sunday night, first to double check on the hole placement and again to let me know it was done, i went over and picked it up yesterday afternoon, the holes look great and he even gave me a free rubber seal for my piping, thanks a ton man, i owe ya one.


his experiment tank is looking great, if you guys havent seen it you need to, he's getting some amazing growth out of his acan, i want a frag of it if it wouldnt be too much trouble rick, i want to see it color up after growing under the regular lighting your using, to see if that will affect its over-all color scheme.


you rock dude





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