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NTB a 40 breeder


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I found a crack in my tank today up in the corner whare the drain/overflow is drilled and although it hasnt leecked, it dose have salt spots on the outside whare the crack is so I would like to replace it. I wouldnt mind getting a new one with a factory overflow in it if someone could tell me whare! otherwise I would like a GOOD used one.


Thank you!!

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Gluing acrylic to glass isn't a very reliable fix. and the crack/brake is from left to right on the back glass about 4 inches down and runs about 10 inches to the right and then heads strait up and out so its basically broke, the piece is just held there by the bulkhead and a little silicone from adding the overflow box. Its hard to see and I cant get a pic whare ya can see it otherwise I would.

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Thanks a ton! Im helping a friend plumb a 200 gallon and he's going to be fronting me his 150 gallon once we get everything transferred, so Im hoping to have that by this weekend! If there's any chance that it's going to be longer then I'll def. take you up on that!



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