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Are these good or bad and does anyone want them?


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I used to have nuclear green zoos that had a few of those "paly" looking things. Not sure if they are the same, but those rotten SOB's over ran my green zoos and I ended up with a rock that was so ugly and over run I got rid of it. Thankfully the LFS I frequent took them off my hands.

Here is a pic of what I had, you can see those big button looking guys in the back.


If I even see something remotely close to a big button paly/zoo/polyp what ever it gets eradicated-It ruined what once was a great little rock and turned it into a ugly POS. They had no color just dull brownish-Die ugly polyp die-:D



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They aren't bad. But they will outgrow your other zoas and eventually over run them.


Not bad if you want to be over run by dull brown circles of fleshy matter-IMO,


not meaning anything bad about your comment, you are 100% correct-yes they are not "bad" per se just another polyp from the zoo family I guess-just not one I would pay for


Sorry I am biased- they over took what once was a real cool colony of BRIGHT green zoos and I ended up with a rock with some brown stuff growing that I gave away-bad Karma if I was to try and sell it


I meant bad in the fact what you get is not something you wanted or went to buy -they over run the "nice" looking zoos and you end up with the... well a rock full of "fugly" polyps only its mom would love (laugh)


You might try cutting them off the rock but make sure you catch all the polyps, then take the purple epoxy that is used for attaching corals to rocks and making a thin sheet of putty and cover them up-they will die-trust me(flame)


Then later just attach what ever over you want over the "carpet of death" you made;)


And I was worried about Karma (scary)

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