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Looking for ideas for another fish


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Now that my 20 gallon cube is getting pretty settled, I'm thinking I'd like one more fish. Currently I have a yellow clown goby, a pair of ocellaris clowns, an emerald crab, a banded coral shrimp, assorted hermits and snails. For corals I have mostly zoas, with two hammers, two rics, some GSP and some xenia.


My top two candidates are a six-line wrasse and a tail spot blenny. I'm drawn to the six-line because it would be a more active fish than what I currently have, but I've seen some warnings that they can pick on inverts. I like the tail spot because it is cool, and it may help out on algae. But as far as I can tell it wouldn't be very active.


The ideal fish would be colorful and active, and of course get along with everything else I have in the tank. Anything else that is worth considering, or any input on my two candidates?



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Dwarf angel of some sort... a Flame or a Potters maybe? Though they're a gamble wrt acans' date=' trachys and SPS. Many are nippers.[/quote']


I like angels, and I assume they would swim around, which would be nice (the clown goby mostly perches, and the clown fish have one corner where they spend most of their time). But is a 20 gallon big enough for an dwarf angel?



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