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What do you think of this idea for carbon?


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I have been using a reactor to run carbon, but I am thinking about going another route. First, the reactor gets bubbles in it over time and then the pump, set on a very low setting so the carbon doesn't tumble and create fines, can't push any water through because of the bubbles in the exit pipes at the top of the reactor. Its pretty annoying, I have to flush the bubbles out every couple of days.


I have read about the mesh bag concerns (inefficient and only surface carbon having contact) so I am thinking about a better way. Here are my thoughts and please comment:


What if I create a plexiglass support that holds the carbon mesh bag in the sump standing up vertically. This plexiglass support could also force all water in the sump to go through the mesh bag before reaching the sump pump. Kind of like a dam but with the mesh bag of carbon being the flood gate. Keep in mind, for me, the pump is external and water goes out of the sump through a bulk head and into the pump.



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