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Another New Law????


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Just got this in an Email today - is it just for drumming up business or the real thing?





As of July 1, new coral restrictions will go into effect regarding the collection of Florida Ricordeas. See the link below. This will reduce the supply of these corals dramatically, thus increasing prices. Until July 1, divers with permits to collect Ricordeas can continue to harvest unlimited amounts from their native reefs in the Florida Keys. The new law will restrict the collection to 100 pieces per day and no new permits granted. If you are considering purchasing Ricordeas, the time is NOW! We have increased our available space to handle over 1000 polyps in preparation. Please contact me for availability and pricing, whether your order is small or large. We aim to accomodate the futue demand by more aggressive propogation in order to keep prices reasonable. These new laws are meant to protect the reefs and assure the conservation of beautiful corals, so we are all for it!



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