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Undergravel Filter versus not (pros vs cons)


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filter pros vs cons


Thanks for input I am not installing one (nor was I) as I have already gone that route and switched.. as said by "lancecobb1 old skool! " yes my parents and uncle had a marine store when I was younger they used them. I did start out with one but made the switch as my nitrates were off the charts just ask Jason when he tested my water ...(flame)..called my uncle who stated the "cleanest tank he ever had with zero problems was an ugF" well dear uncle things change and we learn lol. However I DO MISS the store they had my dad did the buying and always ordered the "hard to get" items but I don't miss the midnight 2 am trips to sf or Oakland airports:eek: but I digress,,,

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I've never been a fan, even in FW. After breaking down many people's FW tanks to revamp for various purposes, I saw some of the crap that gets trapped down there on a regular basis. I shudder to think what sludge like that would do to the water chemistry in a SW tank where the critters are so much more sensitive.

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