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Rock... lots o Rock

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I recently came across a guy who was shutting down his tank and got all his live rock with pleanty of corals on it. Considering he also had about 20 gal more, I've got some left over. This is basically all living with no coral or a little coreline (sp) on it. I've got about four/five gal full sitting in salt water. I've also got a bunch of coral that has been sitting out that he gave me.


I live in Central Oregon and would be willing to meet half way depending upon your location if interested.


I've also got two p clowns that I don't need and a three chromis that I'd like to off load.


Interested in trading for frog spawn, birds nest, or just about anything to keep the tank looking good.


The best way to reach me is by phone at this point, or send me a message and I'll try and check tomorrow if you don't want to call.



503-318-6219 - PTLD number from when I moved. Still haven't changed it.

541-647-7896 - Home number



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