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90 bowfront reef


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Just getting ready to post this on CL and was wanting to get an idea from some of you how much you think a fair price is. I don't want to give it away however I don't want to end up keeping it. Here is a copy and paste of the add....






90 Gallon Bowfront glass Saltwater aquarium with the following:


• 15 gallon custom sump w/octopus skimmer

• Mag 12 return pump

• Matching canopy w/fans

• Dual PFO 250watt metal halide w/spider reflectors

• I’ve forgotten exactly how many pounds of live rock but it is at least 100 and has been up and going now for approx 5 years.

• 3 Maxijet 1200 w/wavemaker power strip



• Mandarin Goby

• Tang – forgot the name – dark blue with yellow tipped fins

• 1 Fireshrimp (very agoraphobic)

• Orange Percula

• Black Percula

o The perc’s have been together for about 4 years now. I’m not going to go as far as calling them a “mated pair” because I have not witnessed any eggs yet. However, the female sure gets aggressive ofa certain spot by her anemone every now and then.


• 2 small Hydnophora’s

• Small brown frogspawn

• Very large rock COVERED in hairy mushroom (these things grow like mad)

• Multiple (like at least 6) colonies of candy cane

• Forgot the name of it but 2 large colonies of green star polyps

• LR with at least 15 purplish/blue mushrooms

• 2 stalks of white pom pom pulsing xenia

• 5 (yes 5) Rose Bubble tip anenomes


I am going to be moving soon and cannot take the tank with me where I am going. I have a ton of misc. stuff (the usually crap a reefer collects because admit it – we are all hoarders!!!)


I would like to sell the ENTIRE package for $XXXX. I’m pretty sure I could get a lot more if I were to part it out so I think it is a good deal. I just need it gone in one swoop.


The pics are a couple months old but little has changed except the addition of a rose split and more of the ever growing hairy shrooms and green stars.




Please email respond with a phone number and I will get back to you. It may take a day or so because I am extremely busy right now. Thanks!



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Full setups are hard right now. People are putting tons of them up for sale, and there isn't enough people to buy them. There is someone over here selling a 150 bowfront fully setup for $550, of course that sells in a matter of minutes, but it is hard to judge price. i would guess you are in the $800 range? just a guess.

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It is really hard to price a system like this. Alot of it really has to do with what you, the seller feel that it is valued at. Personally I would think that Curtis' figure is pretty close to what you might be able to get out of it if the right buyer comes along. Like you mentioned, parting it out might get you a few extra $$ but is also a pain to deal with(trust me).


If I were looking to buy a system like yours with what you have listed, I would probably try and find one in the $600-$800 range.


Hope this helps.


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wow, those numbers are quite a shock to what I was thinking.....


I guess I was looking at it as my RBTA's alone would fetch me around $300 and wouldn't take long at all. I couldn't imagine finding everything else for $300-500 more. Maybe I should part out.....


Thanks for your opinions. I'm gonna roll the dice and try it on Craigslist for a lot more than these figures. Wish me luck:D

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yeah the return on what you spent isn't going to be much. if you go RC then you will get more, but it will still need to be parted out. it is just a rough world out there. dont know where/who you bought from, but you may have overpaid on some things, dont know. not trying to be rude, but i dont think any bta is going to fetch 300, unless it is a super color rainbow LE that nobody has ever seen before. r bta anemones just aren't worth what they used to be.

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Ok, so I have it listed on CL for $1000. I'm thinking about separating livestock/rock/sand and then tank/equipment. I was thinking since there is actually around 130lbs of really good LR and then the 7 RBTA's and other misc fish/corals that $500 for livestock/LR and $500 for tank/equip....

What do you guys think? I've gotten many offers to trade for stuff, but unfortunately, a move to Hawaii only allows a very limited space in the suitcases!

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