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Hey guys. On my 150 gallon tank I have 2 x 400 se MH and am thinking of a new bulb. I ordered some cheap ebay bulbs (go ahead I can take it) and they are horribly greenish. I have also seen a cyano bloom since adding the bulbs. I'm getting ready to order new bulbs and I wanted your inputs on this. I would like a nice blue spectrum so I can toss my actinics to also help save some power. Here are the bulbs I was thinking.


Radium 20,000k

reeflux 12,000k

hamilton 14,000k

coralvue (not reeflux) 14,000k

ushio aqualite 14,000k


Any input is welcome. I came to you guys instead of a national site because I trust you all. (well most)

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