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Mummy eye frags $150


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So last year at the coral farmers market myself and isaac @ seahorse bought the only two frags of the origional mummy eye for sale.it has grown well for me and i took frags. For now i have one frag left, it is of the new side growth and is currently forming an eye, im asking $150, i paid 185 for this exact same size frag and still have the origional frag plug i popped it off of to show u. There is more growth on the edges i am fragging next month if u miss this one.

Also if u want a larger frag we can make arrangements.


Sorry no camera, but i brought 2 others into isaac and he also said they looked very healthy.


I get email directly to my phone : handikapped@hotmail.com



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ive got a blackberry, but the quality of photos does not near do it justice. im in the sw, im gonna try to get a friend with a camera to come over. Anyone have questions about how good of shape their in, call Isaac at seahorse i brought him two.


update the last frag now has an eye so hurry up and jump on this before i ebay it with a starting bid of 150

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its that time again, its been a few months and guess what, my colony only got bigger so that means more frags for you guys!!


im taking 4 more good frags so get at me people, if you want a large piece contact me the colony is about 25+ eyes and well over 8" diameter so i can accomodate some lucky person witha great seed colony.

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Hello...hello...hello.......is there anybody out there........just nod if you can hear me. Did the stuff sell?


Last online was about 15 mins after he posted.


This is a sweet deal on a sweet chalice. If I had a tank I would be all over it(rock2)

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