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Chiller and controller use


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I have a AC but do not run it on the chiller side. I just have the heater come on at 76 and the chiller comes on by itself at 79. The temp in the chiller and the ac are the same so no worrys on this one for me. I did not want to rely on the controller for everything. Plus I am a little to lazy to figure it all up at once:D

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I use an AC3 controller. I have my chiller come on at 80.5 degrees and stay on until it drops the tank temp to 79.2.


My heater doesn't come on until the temp drops down to 78.5. It turns off at 79.0


I also have my fans come on at 79.2.


My temp usually hovers in the 79.5 range. It gets up to 80.5 once a day at about 5:00pm (w/MH), then the chiller turns on and brings the temp right back down.

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You may want to play around with the temps for awhile since you dont have any live stock yet. Instead of just picking a temp see what your tank does from low to high for example if you set it a 79.5 but your tank rarely goes above 79.9 or 80.2 you could set it a little higher and save some chiller time. I just did this after looking at the data from my controller with a goal of trying to reduce the time the chiller and heater run. Like Ryan I have fans come on first at 78.5 I then I decided on 3 degrees 77-80 for heat and chiller. After seeing the peak heat times I reduced my 400MH time a little and also had them run earlier in the day and be off by 4pm since then my chiller only comes on once a day

settings heat On at 77 off 77.5 chiller On at 80 off at 79.5 fans (2) On at 78.5 off at 78.2

I could push the low temp a little more I know others go down to 76 and even lower, I may try 76.5 and see if it changes my heat time right now it comes on about 3-4 times at night

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I always make sure my temp probe is in the same body of water as the heaters as not to overheat the water if the pump failed, I also turn the heaters to 81 so that if the probe would fall out the heaters wont go nuts. My chiller is set on the CHILLER UNIT for 80 and on my ac jr its probably around 81 to kick on, I have 3 fans that kick on at 80.5 and they do almost all the cooling work, the chiller is just added protection, it usually only comes on if the outside temp is over 95 for long periods of time.

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