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impur's diy magic

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Miles came by for the second time in two days to help me out at school. He helped me do a mesh mod on my octopus nw150 and widened the venturi valve. Things are bubbling/foaming nice on the tidepool tankv now.

He also showed me how to treat zoas, a skill I have needed lately.


Thanks Miles.

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I did not have time to dip yet. Plan is to go in Monday to school to do some tank maintenance. I want to make sure I can do a 24 hour turnaround treatment too.



The skimmer is still foaming nicely but my skimmate is 1 inch deep 20 hours later. It is nice and dark too.


Good news is more of the ble zoos have opened up on their own. The armor of god zoos were looking a bit better too.

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Miles is amazing. He came over and did the same mods with me. I forgot to post a thank you in the feedback section, so I will tag along with this one. He does have the skimmers down pretty well, and zoa, well all coral treatment is right up his alley. (laugh) since he has treated every parasite and disease in his own tank.

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