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Would really appreciate advice and input here


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I just ordered a Corallife pro 250w HQI MH 15k with dual 65w PC\CP (whatever) Actinics. I current am running a JBJ Viper2 150w MH 20k with nothing else than LED's for moonlights. My current lighting schedual is 14 Hours (10a to 12a). I have a 36g tank 17.5 inches deep.

So here are my questions:


1. Will this be sufficient lighting for my tank?

2. Are there any corals that I wont be able to house at that point?

3. What should my new lighting schedual be, for actinic's, MH, and for how long?

4. What do I do with my 150w?



I had an egg crate piece covering the slot from my tank to my filtration and I broke it today. So I started by trying to put in some filtration media I had that was sort of like cotton. Immediatedly the water level in my filtration started to drop and the water level in my tank started to raise. When I take it back out, with nothing inbetween the tank and filtration, my water level in the filter starts to raise to high and the tank looses water level. What could I do to find the middle ground here again?

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1. yes

2. as far as lighting you should be able to keep most anything but there are always exception but I'd think it would be in the less light range and be aware of heat issues

3. I don't run more then 9 hours of daylight and you can have your blues come on a few hours before and run a few hours after your daylights to simulate a natural day meaning you can shorten the amount you run your halides to extend there life.

4. sell or use on a frag system

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Thank you very much Reefboy...I tried to give you rep points for that but I have to "spread the love", meaning I recently gave you points and can't give you again now. I would like to hear a little more from others but it sounds like a good plan. Hope you don't take insult to that. I just usually look for the most common answers in threads like this.

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Replace or fix the egg crate. Keep floss out of the system. Kinda thought we went over this?!!! Start the lights off at a lower level(time). Like 5 and work up from there, a week at a time. Don't push it!!!

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CCR: as always you have the memory of an elephant <-compliment. I was advised to get screen and place a couple layers over tank to shade\deflect some of the light and slowly (meaning over the course of a few days) remove layers. Did we have discussion regarding floss?

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250 watt halide plus Power compact actinic on a 17 inch deep tank is PLENTY of light. Remember that its not sunny everyday over reefs in the ocean and the water is much deeper then 17 inches. I have days that my bright lights are only on 2-3 hours a day.



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