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I have seen this more and more and it gives me concern. I am not a fan of canister filters


If you’re going to use phosban and charcoal that's fine. Don’t try and use it for any bio development. No sponges, ceramic rock.... You will disrupt the bio of the tank as it tries to get established. Then your removing it, throwing off the existing putting a strain on it. Setting yourself up for more problems. ALWAYS use tank water (like when you’re doing a change) to clean with. Even the plastic tray in the Fluval will develop live bacteria. If you use tap water you’re going to put dead bacteria back into the system. See the problem yet???? Too many "fixes" is not the answer. Each tank has its own internal cycle and system load. Our tanks are in a constant state of cycle and always will be. The best is to leave most things alone. If you’re constantly trying to change things the tank just gets confused.

This week where going to attack the nitrates phosphate's with pads, chemicals what have you. You’re actually taking and messing with the tank perims. Remove the pads and suddenly the bacteria are overloaded again. They multiply trying to do their job, over production. Then just as fast start dying off, multiplying again. Get the picture.

There is a limit to how much stock, corals and fish. Type of corals and fish any given size tank can take. Zoa's and other types of corals naturally release toxins into the system when there put into a different tank. Another word is slimming. This is natural of them. It requires the system to "re-adapt" to the change. Now adding several colonies at one time or even within days is a huge NO NO especially in the smaller systems. People have been successful doing it but in lager systems.


I really hope you all take this construct fully. In this hobby we all love, patience isn't just a virtue. It is absolutely necessary. I think sadly it is being forgotten,


I really don't want to hear of a crash for any reason, but I really feel some are headed that way if not more careful.


This is my opinion. It is not directed any one person.

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