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Wow this is unreal


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I was shocked when I read this about children diving to catch reef fish and smashing the corals to pieces to scare out the hideing fish. Looks like 100 of them died all in one dive by getting caught in the giant net used to catch the fish. The net brought up 100 dead kids instead....at least thats what I got from scanireading the page.



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Terrible - both the human and environmental costs.


"Though most coral reefs in the Philippines are now dead, muro-ami still survives to this day. "


That's what happens when a poor population and a corrupt government see an opportunity to make a quick buck. Look at Fiji, they have been very responsible in the farming of corals reefs and it is a completely sustainable and profitable resource for them.


The Philippines has done it the quick and easy way from day one. Every bad form of collection comes from there - cyanide, this. it obviously wasn't a secrete that this was going on. Where was the govt?



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Interesting. I'm a little torn over the reefs in the Philippine Islands. I watched "The Living Sea" last night and it showed the Islands as being some of the most pristine in the world and full of life. So it is a bit confusing.

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