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looking for gorgonians

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Older pic but it still looks the same. I the pic it was under a 150 HQI 14K bulb. Now it is under 4 24w T5 bulbs. I have a koralia nano pointed right at it, from about 6" away. It likes a good amount of flow IME.


I still have the xenia for you too.

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I don't know how big of a frag yet. I'll have to pull it out and see where the best place to cut it would be. It will be bigger then an SPS knob, but it won't be a colony.


As far as pricing. I really prefer to trade stuff. It's just more fun for me. Your tank is still kinda young so if you don't have anything to trade I'll take an IOU for something sometime in the future.


Light wise. In the first tank I had it in the gorg was 4" tall and was about 15" total away from the 150w when it started. It then grew to be maybe 5 or 6 inches from the light. In the tank it is in now it's about 9" from the light. It's growth has slowed down a bit, but I think part of that is there is a seahorse who calls it home now and she irritates the polyps so they do not come out for long portions of the day (whenever she is home).


I'll try to frag it in the next week or so. We'll will probably want to give it a few days to heal up and attach before you take it if that sounds right to you.

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finch, the pink stuff is halymenia or dragons tongue algae. It was pink because it was not doing so well, it is now a more healthy red color.


Jason, sorry I forgot about this thread. That sounds like a nice trade. I need to make a frag for you. I just moved my tanks and the reef is still in tubberwares in the garage, give me a few days.



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