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  1. Is anyone available to help me move 2 empty reefer 525xls tomorrow? One is in a crate the other isn't. I'd just need help loading and unloading the tanks, one person should do. They're moving from the pearl district to south waterfront so this should only take a couple hours. I'll pay $50 to whoever can help or I have a duncan colony & branching hammer coral I can give you some of if you bring a fragging kit. Thanks in advance. Jeffrey
  2. I PMd you pictures, I can't add any more images to this thread.
  3. It's about 6 months old, I no longer need it will my smaller setup. Asking $275
  4. I bought both of these last March. I'm asking $300 for the RSK600 skimmer and $200 for the Varios 6.
  5. It looks like someone is picking these up this afternoon. I'll repost if that falls through.
  6. I have 3 XR15s with the individual arms and diffusers for sale, I bought them last March. I'm asking $250 per light/arm/diffuser.
  7. I just moved to a new apartment and need to downsize. I didn't realize it has wooden supports and there is no exterior wall to place it on. A month back I was having issues with the sealant on my old tank and red sea sent me a new one. I never even took it out of the crate. I'm asking $1600 for the new tank, used black stand with sump and clearview lid. I've already sold the tank with sealant issues.
  8. How have I never noticed that, I fly out of there all the time.
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