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  1. oooh... everything? All in... I am probably around 25k. 6k at BRS, probably another 6 at CF. The new tank cost me about 4.5K total. How many lap dances is that?>
  2. I could have two major vet surgeries or a bunch of reefing stuff...
  3. So I had to pull up my BRS orders for an apex work order and I made the mistake of adding up everything I have spent over the last 3 years. WOW.. Don't ever do that. Does anyone else seriously cringe when they see these numbers? I mean, I have a huge system.. but wow! this is only hardware!
  4. That is not necessarily a bad thing... Maybe I will have a bumper sticker made that says "Got cyano? I can help"
  5. Well, as the saying goes... get your kid hooked on aquariums and he will never have money for drugs. Lol
  6. I have space for lots of fish. And will take and acans or torches.
  7. huh. My achilies looks like a ghost in copper 😞 My sailfin does as well. yeah that is the bummer about CP, but then again, one dose and no testing does have its benefits. Call it faith based QT? No, don't call it that actually.
  8. I know when I am at therapeutic levels my tangs really grey out. 😞
  9. FINALLY an acan picture under 10k lighting LOL
  10. I have been through the ringer with "trying" to QT and then getting burned by a single slip up on my end. "oh, this persons tank is clean". The reality is these days that it is safe to assume that EVERYTHING from a pet store has at least SOME kind of pest. I mean the aquatic pet trade is basically one big whore house without even a baby wipe around. They do there best to limit things and obviously CF is one of the cleanest outfits around but no pet store can QT everything. Let's see the things I have had in my tanks.. ich..velvet..euronema, aptasia, AEFW, , fire worms, vermetid snails, and that algae you have to treat with fluconozole. I have not had bugs or acro spiders. The eggs and reproductive stages of these things are simply too small not to miss from time to time. I got my tang collection ich free after two years, then added some anthias without a QT and velvet broke out. I just put everything in my display tank and absolutely carpet bombed the tank with chloroquine phosphate. So that will take care of ich, velvet, maybe the euronema, and every form of invertebrate. I set up a 40g breeder to QT all my corals and bought a desk top magnifying glass with led lights off of amazon to inspect the corals once a week. For the amount of money we spend on our tanks it just seems absolutely ridiculous not to QT everything. The "observation" QT people are pretty dense in my book...oh, you have xray vision and can see a fishes gills? I'm just being silly though, I'm sure ich wouldn't attach itself to a fishes gills...it's not like gills don't have a slime coat and water is constantly passing over them. If I had a small tank without much invested I would probably wouldn't take it as seriously. But my DT is absurdly large and dealing with pests would be an epic nightmare. Cheers.
  11. it is sound advice to just ignore your PH. IT is a result of many complex things and not really worth chasing. If I were you i would do 3 things first. 1. buy a hannah alkalinity tester. 2. test at the same time of the day/night every 2 days to see what your numbers are doing. You can't effectively replace your alk amount with water changes when you have a lot of things consuming alk and cal. 3. WRITE ALL YOUR MEASUREMENTS DOWN!! This can not be over emphasized and it is often not told to people enough. Corals dying is often the result of what you did a week or two ago, not on the day that you see it and test the water. It seems that almost every "my corals are dying" thread starts with..I checked my parameters, they are perfect. What you are effectively doing by dosing red sea pro.. VERY high alk, is yo-yoing your alk numbers. It's not the end of the world, but when you start throwing money at acropora you may find yourself saying ... "no,no,no why is it receding? wait, no, [language filter] it, god [language filter] it".
  12. Comes with FMM module and two leak detectors (the slimmer ones). You can also use the FMM module to operate fluid meters. $100 available for pickup at Vancouver City hall. This is what it looks like: https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/apex-ldk-leak-detection-kit-neptune-systems/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl4v4BRDaARIsAFjATPndsnOaLRsqXcJFQ1PtLNBDkTNzHotg-lgx67jlRWw1hX7mHcCJn94aAsMnEALw_wcB
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