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  1. Yeah.. because everyone knows that spending your saturday evening mashing the refresh button in an attempt to buy corals is straight baller lifestyle.
  2. Cornbred is such a joke. That website should be called adobe corals. I see them on R2R for $100 a pop. They are really nice. Maybe i can trade you an OG bounce for some?
  3. Finally seeing the light. Hey look at my new design of the wheel!!
  4. I would say 4x6 timber run perpendicular to the floor joists and pier blocks every 3 feet. Pier blocks and the simpson screw jack post things. That is what an engineer told me on my 600. Man, i am sooo glad that part is over.
  5. Sweet!! I love a huge tank build. Couple hints.. pull the outlet covers off and use spray foam to seal where the wirew exist the boxes. The warm moist air WILL get pulled into your wall in the winter. Home depot sells an adjustable height aluminum scaffold that is THE BOMB for tanks. Check out this fan unit. It has a temp and humidty monitor that turns the fan on and off. https://www.acinfinity.com/hvac-home-ventilation/inline-duct-fan-systems/cloudline-t6-quiet-inline-duct-fan-system-with-temperature-and-humidity-controller-6-inch/?gclid=CjwKCAjw4_H6BRALEiwAvgfzq-E4fK
  6. Wild fires release a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere, thereby decreasing PH.
  7. that is a good point. When you think about it, it makes sense
  8. Can we leave something for 6 months? 🙃
  9. Stupid phone. Dbl post
  10. I think I have a 200w laying around. and like 3 extra 500 watt ones
  11. Bill, if you have an apex, then programming it will be easy. I am thinking it will take me an hour to install my motor and roller. Keep swinging by tap plastics and grab that scrap!!
  12. So finally found a little time to start fabricating a DIY roller mat. I am pushing around 3,000 gph through my sump so nothing is commercially available for that size.. plus they are stoopid expensive for what they are. Using left over acrylic and plastic mesh that I cut out of rectangular commercial kitchen collenders. I have a 12 volt window motor and a float switch to install.
  13. I have extra titanium heaters. I bought a bunch for my big tank and ended up not needing them.
  14. I could use some chaeto in the near future. I am located in Hockinson which is... embarrassing to say this.. next to Vancouver.
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