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  1. kattz

    Aqua uv sterilizer 80w

    $300 shipped? Trying to fish for a response.... Kevin
  2. kattz

    Aqua uv sterilizer 80w

    Jorge, any news? Best, Kevin
  3. kattz

    Aqua uv sterilizer 80w

    Yeah, sorry, the price was right and I was hoping to talk you into shipping one unit. Thanks. Kevin
  4. kattz

    Aqua uv sterilizer 80w

    I guess I should give up on this...
  5. kattz

    Looking for a reef octopus skimmer

    While I can understand your concern, I doubt this pump will fail in the next ten years. Good pump. Happy hunting! Best, Kevin
  6. kattz

    My first tank stand build.

    You also might find this link helpful. Hope I didn't break any rules by posting this, but hey, I'm a noob here! Kevin
  7. kattz

    My first tank stand build.

    Here is a cube design that I did for an older 93g tank. This is built and skinned so that no joined edge shows on the finished tank. I can toss you a design (no charge, I don't do this for $) and you can build or have someone build it for you.
  8. kattz

    My first tank stand build.

    How tall can the stand be? No center brace front and rear, or just front? Kevin
  9. kattz

    Looking for a reef octopus skimmer

    BTW, this skimmer is 6 years old... Kevin
  10. kattz

    Looking for a reef octopus skimmer

    I am waiting on a used Lifereef to show up. I have a Octopus Diablo 160 with a Sicce pump that has been flawless other than the crazing of the cup. I would be happy to make you a nice deal on this unit if your search turns up fruitless, but I will be in TX until just before Thanksgiving and unable to ship. Of course, if you have an SPS tank and it's larger than 90g, this skimmer is not a good one for you. I usually size the skimmer for a capacity of 120-150% of the system volume as a minimum for SPS. Regards, Kevin
  11. kattz

    Hello, new here

    Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm posting here with the interest of making a purchase from a member here. I live in SW Ohio and currently have a 90g mixed reef, but am soon shutting that down because we are moving to a new house I had built for my wife, who has advanced MS. I am searching the 'Net looking for items to set up a 300DD reef and a 150DD FOWLR with fish room. Because $ is scarce, I am picking up all of my equipment as "gently used". The 150DD will house non-reef-safe fish, and the 300DD will be a full-on closed-loop reef system. The plan is to cut out the overflows on the 300DD and use the openings for a Sea Squirt unit for circulation in the live rock through the openings in the bottom from the original overflows, and use ""ghost-overflow type" overflows on the end walls of the 300. Dry rock will be used to provide aquascaping, and this will be "Christmas-tree mounted" in the tank on plain Lowe's pavers so that there are free-standing sculptures in the middle of the tank. This will leave the back wall of the tank completely unobstructed so that it can be shadowboxed with acrylic and a 72" T5 bulb or dimmable blue LED strip to make the tank stretch out into infinity. The bottom of the tank will be made of untreated travertine tile and no sand. Anyway, that's all about me and why I am here. I have been reefing for about 10 years. I'm retired USAF in case anyone would want to know. Happy to be able to access the site and also to tell you that it's very nice here! Best, Kevin
  12. kattz

    Aqua uv sterilizer 80w

    Hi, Jorge, I am very interested in this if you would ship it. Are these units with or without wiper? Best, Kevin