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  1. Tualatin High School

    Hello. I am a Marine Biology and Biology teacher at Tualatin High School. I have many freshwater tanks in my classroom, but am starting to finally venture in the salt water world. I am very interested in the program, and would love all the help I can get in getting this started. I am overwhelmed already by the costs and any donations would be very welcome. Thanks for the info and help! -Kelly Perry
  2. I have to say, I am addicted (and the students) after getting two saltwater tanks for our Marine Biology classroom this year. I have a dream of getting a coral propagation tank and teaching the kiddos how to frag (safety first, I will do my research first). I wrote a grant and have received funding for half already through a foundation. Thought I would put it out on here. Anything helps, and all donations are tax-deductable. I teach at Tualatin High School. Coral Propagation Project This was a teaching dream that might happen a lot sooner if I can get the funding for it. I am a very dedicated teacher and thought I know little about coral prop, am excited to learn.
  3. I find teachers can either kill or inspire the love of science, I am out to make their time with my memorable. Project is down to $725. This may happen. !
  4. Of the $1826, we are well on our way, with "only" $857 to go. Everything helps and it is all tax deductable.
  5. Tualatin High School

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/10DJLr5YoklL87BAmiU6_vA9g08h4gEd4XE8GTPMOTv8/pub Not sure how to post photos on here, but here is a pict our our classroom 55 this week. Thanks to Son, Tom, Steve, Issac, and Kenny for all the support and help.
  6. Tualatin High School

    Thank you Tom. Son delivered it today. So grateful. My classroom's tank is looking so nice because of everyone's generous support.
  7. Tualatin High School

    Usually till 3:45, depending on the day (sometimes later depending on day, but considering I get here at 6 a.m., usually try to go home an hour after school gets out (2:30).
  8. Tualatin High School

    Yes please, weekday only (I teach bird field classes on the weekend and am out and about).
  9. Tualatin High School

    Thanks Steve, so much for stopping by today and for the awesome coral frags. I know you made some serious fans, so thanks for being patient and teaching those kiddos (and me). We are excited to watch them grow.
  10. Tualatin High School

    Always. Could you drop them at the high school?
  11. Tualatin High School

    Hi Icepikbiker. If you are ever in Portland for the weekend, I can meet you somewhere. Unfortunately, my school schedule doesn't let me get out much (and I tutor after school during the week). Thanks for the offer though!
  12. Tualatin High School

    Hey beer503. Not sure how to PM you for some reason. kperry@ttsd.k12.or.us is my email
  13. Tualatin High School

    Hi Icepikbiker. We would love any and all corals. Could you drop them by the school sometime this week?
  14. SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup

    Cool! I am taking 50 highschoolers down to Nehalem Beach for that day (we do this every break). I hope new seasons can fund our lunches (will let you know if they do).
  15. Tualatin High School

    Hi Steve. We are ready for any and all coral frags. I removed the urchins in the tank, since they were feasting on the kenya tree coral I had. They are now in a 30 gallon, non coral tank (I don't have the right lights for corals in that tank). Any time before or during our school hours, I am here. Thanks! Also, anyone that has any corals, I am welcome to any and all. Still learning, but would love to eventually teach my students how to coral frag.
  16. Tualatin High School

    El Presidente: I got the skimmer plumbed and up and running, though had to make many a trip to home depot to get the right plumbing hardware. Thanks again! Macros were all gobbled up (urchins?) but I got a few more clumps. But you should swing by just to see what we have going (new kiddos this semester, so this bunch haven't met you). I see this round of marine on Tuesday afternoons, from noon-2:40.
  17. Zoa's.....and hanging out,

    I am up for learning, would like to eventually teach my students how to frag. You game for teaching me on Saturday?
  18. Tualatin High School

    Hi guys. Well, the tanks are up and running and we have quite a few fish now in them. I have a 55 gallon that Kenny Yang gracious donated and helped set up one of his ReefStar LED lighting systems, so can't wait to start adding coral. I also have a 30 gallon, that is still cycling with live rock and decomposers. The students love it! I just started a new semester of Marine Biology, so 60 new kiddos. They will start a project with these tanks (and a new coldwater tank that we are getting) in a few weeks. @Tom @Clownfish. Thank you! Anything is greatly appreciated. You can write a check to TuHS and I can get you the proper tax-deduction forms. Travis at Upscales has been a lifesaver for advice, and thank you Kevin F. for donating a protein skimmer. This is so fun and can't wait to show off my tanks someday.
  19. Oct meeting summary with pics

    Hey Stu and Josh. I sent you a message via your website, don't know if you got it. Would love to connect sometime soon. My email: kperry@ttsd.k12.or.us Kelly Perry at Tualatin High School.
  20. Tualatin High School

    Hi guys. Thanks for the support! Colin, I am interested in any and all equipment. In my Marine Biology class next week, students will need to research how to set-up and maintain an aquarium. They can pick either fresh or salt, and the class will vote on the best project and hopefully I can get that implemented. I am not opposed to have a zoo in my classroom (I used to be a zookeeper), and love the thought of having a water wonderland that the students can learn from and maintain. My school email: kperry@ttsd.k12.or.us @Mike I will tell Duggan hi, he works right next door and I have lunch with him everyday. Specific, well, I have a 55 gallon tank that I got a sump, overhead, pumps for. I am going to get tubing for that tonight and hopefully hook it all up to start the cycle next week. It does NOT have good lights though, and I was going to wait until next year to try LED reef lights (but these seem way out of my budget). @Colin I will take anything I can get. Would love a littler tank that I could try corals out in. @Cuttlefish, thanks for the suggestion. I checked this years ago when I worked at Beaverton High, and got no response. So happy to have community support. @Rizer yes, livestock would be much appreciated, though I am still getting the initial tank set-up and cycled. Thanks guys