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  1. shapedworld

    Daniel and Joan are Parents!

    Congrats..!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Okay. I learned how to capture Yellow color. Atleast that's what I think. Here is the first successful picture of my Yellow Acro with light blue polyps (Yes...I name them by color because its so hard to remember all the fancy names ). One SPS captured down 10 more to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    This Blue hue is killing me when try to get a FTS. I'll try to dial my DSLR to capture the tank. Looks like its another skill that I must have.
  4. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Wow... Buttmunchers look so sick. I wonder who came up with the name. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Christmas came early with a surprise gift from wify. Complete set of a calcium reactor. Exciting to set this bad boy up. Tank is doing well with the following parameters. OR t247 raised up (now at 17" above water surface) and whites were dialed down to 25% I bought 2 Jebao pp-4 instead of MP10s. Way cheaper and get the job done. Ca 435 Mg 1250 kH 10 Temperature 79F Ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphates cannot detect Got almost all the SPS on my list except Red dragon and ice fire. Want the tank to mature before I put them in. Thank you MattV for the excellent SPS frags. All the Zoas are in thanks to MrBrett Time to keep the parameters stable and watch those corals grow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Thanks Kim. What are the other Zoas in your top 10 list ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Thank you for pointing out the importance of dipping the corals. Emerald525 thank you for recommending MrBret to me. I met MrBret, made some changes to my Zoa list after seeing his Zoa forest and bought following from him. Utter Chaos* Salted Agave Sakura Purple Peaople Eater Space Monster* Twizzlers* Candy Apple Red* Ding Dang ( * - getting them tomorrow) I'm looking for last 4 candidates for my Zoa rock. At the moment I have the following in my mind. Please let me know your favorite Zoas so I can consider them in my list. Fruity Loops Red Hornets Miami Vice LA Lakers I'm planning to let these guys grow atleast two months before I start adding any SPS. So I can setup my Calcium reactor and play with it. Like always, your comments and feedbacks are much appriciated.
  8. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Thank you for answering the questions. I'll add an algae scrubber when tank start to get more live stock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Thanks. I'll contact MrBret to see whether he has some Zola frags that he would like to sell. I will let you know if I comes to SE Portland. May be I can have your tank toured. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. shapedworld

    My new 50 gallon cube is ready for some corals

    Thank you for all the comments and feedbacks. I ordered the wave makers and the DA ReefKeeper. Still researching on the calcium reactors. My first choice as per now is "AquaMaxx cTech T-NANO Hang-On Calcium Reactor"its rated for 75G. Can someone give me any feedback on the AquaMaxx calcium reactors if you guys have use them. Especially the one I have listed above. I'm planning to be very picky with what I'm going to include in the tank due to space limitations. @ Zoolander: Thank you for offering the birdnest frag but I have to kindly say No since I'm not planning to keep it. @Emerald525: I'm working on Satudays so unfortunately I won't be able to come to the meeting. But if you would like I can meet you in some other place or your place at your convience to pick up the frag. If you have coral frags that from the collection I have listed, please let me know if you would like to sell them to me. I live in Hillsboro and can travel for corals . @Fishboy: Is that a Staghorn? Color looks nice. Is it growing large like a tree, tabling or clump up like a ball? Again, thank you for the comments and feedbacks.
  11. Hello everyone, Its been three month since I start my aquarium and it finished the cycle within two months. Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite are undetectable. I'm ready to add some corals now. Aquarium parameters Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite Untraceble to the test kit Temperature - 77 F (+/- 0.3 F) Specific gravity 1.026 What is in my system now Bought BRS Water saver plus RO/DI unit with the RO reserver tank/faucet (I could justify this to my wife DI unit is seperate- Who can resist clean water ) I have 40 lbs of CaribSea Speacial grade live sand ( it created 1" sandbed) and Dry rock from BRS. 50g Cube 8g sump 20g refugium with 20 lb of live sand (Looking for Macro Algae that won't go sexual) 10g RO/DI reservoir gravity fed with a fixed float valve Oceanreview T247 LED 10" above water surface running blue at 100% (0700 - 2200) and daylight at 50% (1200 - 1900) Skimz mini 143 skimmer Eheim heater I do 20% water changes every week BRS media rector (two chambers) Have two happy fat clowns that I bought in 2013 and the aquarium that hosted them have thousands of Ampe/cope pods which I will carefully transfer to the new sump Plannig to add the followings soon 2 MP10's (will this be over kill? and does any one have MP10 that need to get rid of so I can get them cheap) Calcium reactor: Planning to buy AquaMaxx S-NANO Calcium Reactor ( any other suggestions are welcome) Aquarium monitor and control system (Reefkeeper or APEX? How about Seneye?) Since this is a small tank I'm planning only to keep SPS, LPS (may be 2-3) and few Zoas. Following are what in my mind. They are pictures I got from internet and do not know the names of most of them (Can someone tell me the name of these corals). Obviously I won't be able to host all the SPS in my tank. Following are the cleanup crew I'm planning to order. Nassarius snails - 2 Blackfoot Trochus snail - 1 (After 6 months or if I have algae) Blueleg Hermit - 1 Regleg hermit - 1 Cerith snails - 4 Emerald crab - 1 (Tiny one after 1 year or if I have hair algae) Sand shifting goby - 1 (After 1 year. Can I add this guy since my sand grain size is large. Will the sand hurt it?) Papermint shrimp - 1 (After 6 months) I would prefer to buy the coral from fellow reefers. Please let me know if you would like to sell some frags to me. These are the questions I have now Do I need to run Carbon and/or GFO now? Is it ok to add all corals over a short period of time (one month)? Do I need to increase the intensity of my LED for SPS? Am I giving them enough light without causing an algae issue? Do I need to get an algae scrubber although I have a refugium? I really love green manderin gobies.I had one male manderin a few years back that I trained to eat pallets. One day he decided to end his life, after staying 1.5 years with us, by jumping out (I forgot to add the screen) So I want to give another try with one of these guys may be after a year. Anyone knows a place that sells pallet trained healthy green manderins? ​ ​​ Your comments and feedbacks are much appreciated.
  12. shapedworld

    Hello All: Returning to hobby

    Thank you all for warm welcome. I'll meet you guys soon in one of our meetings. I'm planning taking things much much slower this time.
  13. shapedworld

    Hello All: Returning to hobby

    Hi All, So after two years away from this highly addicting hobby, due to a tank crash (only a neon green toadstool coral survived), I decided to come back strong . I was PNWMAS earlier, before change the website and then using FaceBook page for a while. I'm starting to build a 24 x 24 x14 shallow reef tank and think its the time to actively participate in events and in forum. I'll start a new tank build thread this week. Two years is too much to catchup with new tech items in Aquarium industry, new methods, experiences, and eye catching new corals. So I need all the help I can get (knowledge wise) to make this a success. I'm planning to come to PNWMAS meetings and meet awesome people. I would like to get this opportunity to Thank Frank Gruelle Jr for always encouraging me to stay with the hobby. Happy reefing