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  1. Live Sale Rules: please read the entire post! We will show you a coral and give a description. Each piece has its own number and, in general, we have multiples of each coral unless we specify otherwise. In order to claim/buy a coral you must say โ€œSoldโ€ along with the number of the coral that we give you. For example: Sold 37 will claim a piece of that number coral for you to purchase. We will list back the winners for each piece in the order we receive them on our screen. Important note: your screen will always show that you were first, but we will have to go by the list that shows up on
  2. Helping a friend sell his aquarium. All questions or interest will go to him. Send me a PM if interested. Redsea Max s650 with white stand, light fixture with four hydra 26, sump with live rock (has never seen copper) two protein skimmers, coralife uv sterilizer and few odds/ends.. $4,400 with coral inserts and $4k without. Tank and stand are in excellent condition. No livestock included but could be negotiated into the deal. Bandit angels are sold.
  3. Just in case you didn't know!! All livestock 20% off. Going all weekend!! Dont miss out!!
  4. You know what they say about pictures.. ๐Ÿ“ท
  5. still have two brs dosers. Like new.
  6. I will be going over this thread soon. I'll update with a list of those still in the competition and those that are not.
  7. There was a line for this one. You would think it was meds!๐Ÿ˜†
  8. Because we like you it'll probably be more like 499.00!!
  9. Ok ok I made that up but seriously look at this masterpiece!!
  10. Not quite but not far lol
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