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  1. Deleted it before anymore creepers get it. Pm is good to go!
  2. I do like those too! Could potentially be another auction. I dont remember us having one in quite some time. I feel it's time to give it another shot.
  3. I'm really loving these superman blastos at the shop right now. Who would like to see an auction for these? If it goes well we might do a few others. Let us know!
  4. Jeff wouldn't do something silly like that. I'll be selling coral on the streets out of a cart!
  5. The stand I have will only accommodate a footprint of 24x24 but thank you.
  6. Yes sir, still have it. I still have a few coral and a nice anemone that are easy to care for.
  7. Looking for 24x24 tank. I have a stand I'd like to use and will only be needing the tank.
  8. Sold. Thank you everyone for looking!
  9. Welcome back Micah! Might not be getting out anytime soon. No offers yet!
  10. Didnt receive an email.
  11. Ive deleted all my messages and still can't send or receive. Interested parties email me at jorge.ojeda83@gmail.com
  12. Dont make me spank you with that black belt bro!
  13. Cleared my inbox. Sorry everyone.
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