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  1. Jorge

    Collector sps pack fs

    Is that my pack? 😎
  2. Jorge

    New project. My smallest yet.

    These need to be mass produced asap!
  3. Jorge

    WTB Steel Stand 48x24 Footprint

    The wife said I couldn't get a new tank unless I sold some off!
  4. Jorge

    WTB Steel Stand 48x24 Footprint

    I have a 48x24x36 black steel stand.
  5. Jorge

    Eye candy!

  6. Jorge

    125 shallow SPS build. (Sneak peek)

    Nice build and collection sir!
  7. Jorge

    Electus bouncer?

    Winner winner chicken dinner!
  8. Jorge

    105g build

    Oh and I fixed the other structure!
  9. Jorge

    105g build

    An addition here and there.
  10. Jorge

    My Sump

    Sweet set up. I dig the pest nem concept.
  11. It wouldn't be possible without Jeff.
  12. Jorge

    Name that Zoa!

    Hadron Collider
  13. Jorge

    Mushroom naming contest

    That's merely a green chalice. Go home wwc you're drunk!
  14. Jorge

    Mushroom naming contest

    Hi Kim, you might be thinking of toxic pie chalice. Had to do a quick search😅
  15. Jorge

    WTB Cheato

    Cnc has it by the truck load. Swing on by!