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  1. Stuff to rehome

    I could use two mp40s Mr Junkie
  2. Nano breakdown! Cheap

    Muahaha.. much love Kim
  3. Nano breakdown! Cheap

    That's me hanging Sean! I've lost a bit of weight and grew my hair out. Ps. To the pm I received, I'm not actually doing a tank breakdown. It was meant to be a joke.
  4. Anyone interested?? Livestock must go first!
  5. Oh bummer!! No tanks hanging around unfortunately
  6. My center channel sounds like a cardboard box! Need any fuzzy sticks??
  7. Hopefully it's from something stinging it, or fluctuation in alk and not the dreaded aefw.. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Specially a super nice guy like Bill
  8. Are you talking about the upside down digi or the tissue loss on the green stag?
  9. This fish needs a name...

    That's what I was getting at. He can call him Dick at that point.
  10. February Picture of the Month - Shrimp

    There's one in the pic. I promise!
  11. What are your other hobbies?

    Meditation is the only other hobby I can afford..
  12. River City Corals 120 shallow reef build

    Great build brother!
  13. This fish needs a name...

    Richard. He looks like a Richard!