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  1. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    Available a couple more days than being put away.
  2. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    Taking PayPal or cash 😊
  3. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    It's not that exact one but yes just like it. Comes with all the accessories like out the box.
  4. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    It's a vicious cycle lol
  5. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    I'm out and about but wanted to get the post up. Will post a picture soon.
  6. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    Yes comes with the light.
  7. Jorge

    Redsea max nano

    Tank and black stand. In excellent shape. $650 Pm or text! Thanks!
  8. Jorge

    Any Ideas on This One?

    I believe that's purple plasma
  9. Jorge

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Thank you Kim for starting this thread.
  10. Jorge

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Yes sir. Thank you!
  11. Jorge

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Thank you everyone. Just checked back in to see who loves meπŸ˜‰
  12. Jorge

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    You guys are wonderful. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it. 😊
  13. Jorge

    Los Angeles fish stores

    Two guys corals
  14. Jorge