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  1. Jorge


    still have two brs dosers. Like new.
  2. I will be going over this thread soon. I'll update with a list of those still in the competition and those that are not.
  3. There was a line for this one. You would think it was meds!😆
  4. Because we like you it'll probably be more like 499.00!!
  5. Ok ok I made that up but seriously look at this masterpiece!!
  6. Not quite but not far lol
  7. Thank you friends! I appreciate the bday wishes.
  8. The nanobox sd card situation was annoying. They do look good when set up though.
  9. They were just very easy to set up and didn't have connectivity issues like I've experienced with radion and AI. The 3 presets are well blended and easy to tweak as well.
  10. Danik had a nice trigger sump available not too long ago.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. This "grow out" thread should be on the "grow out" forum. Thank you.
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