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  1. I heard CNC has discounts on salt this weekend! Instant ocean, reef crystals, kent $39. Fritz and redsea pro (black bucket) $49. Oh yeah hot corals too!🔥
  2. Missed out on this one. I'll be back!!
  3. Would you be willing to trade for a half a bag of dog treats? They gave my dog diarrhea.
  4. I'm interested in the prazi if you can meet me at the max station off 23rd on Wednesday at exactly 3pm. If you can't do that I'm not interested.
  5. Do you have a picture that doesn't have to be downloaded?
  6. Kai aka bubbles builds acrylic nano tanks! You're welcome!😃
  7. You're doing the right thing Holly!
  8. It's got a dolphin bruh..
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