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  1. Jorge

    Looking for Chaeto

    We have plenty at the shop brotha!
  2. Jorge

    OBD Custom 5ft 80g Tank/Stand

    As long as it's not a custom 55 you'll fit right in. You gotta make it taller than it is wide. Make it colt coral dominant and you're set!
  3. Jorge

    Respect the lobster y'all

    Dj suncerest bust those rhymes!
  4. Jorge

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    Definitely not pink lemonade. Maybe candelabra.
  5. Jorge

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    Sounds like a reefer 750. I think Ron has one of those too!
  6. Jorge


    I still have this beautiful stand. 1 1/4" black powder coat steel frame and skinned in 3/4 plywood. Stainless steel soft close hinges. Accommodates a 24x24 tank. Stand is 36" tall. Built by Spectra, and Brian67! That's solid NW built! 500!
  7. Jorge

    new clown fish created...total immunity!!

    That's actually one of the new hybrid clowns oscellaris/puffer.. Super rare!
  8. Jorge

    Mass transit

    All aboard!!!
  9. Jorge

    Looking for Oregon Tort

    There's two chunky frags at cnc!
  10. Jorge

    ? Bout radion RMS slide

    To tuck the cables in sir.
  11. Jorge

    Few high end equipment for sale

    Pax bellum reactor still available. Great for running inline with a calcium reactor. Can also run without cr.
  12. Jorge

    WTB: Tank!

    What kind of furniture do you like?
  13. Jorge

    WTB: Tank!

    I have the perfect stand for a tank that size!
  14. Jorge

    Few high end equipment for sale

    Skimmer sold. Calcium reactor pending