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  1. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    I was genuinely interested in a comparison between the two. You gotta be ready to give the consumer real statistics if you're gonna say one piece of equipment is better than the other. By all means sell your product but up to this point the title is misleading.
  2. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Very insightful. Thank you for sharing Kim!
  3. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Very nice lady! Wish I could've heard her presentation. If anyone recorded maybe share? Thank you!
  4. 200 gallon deep dimension

    Maybe have a moderator clean up your thread and start with the original post and your asking price. This one got a little messy. I'd help out but I've been stripped of all my powers lol
  5. 200 gallon deep dimension

    What a killer deal!! Was nice meeting you today and glad to see you're going after your dream set up.
  6. Siamese Twins / Mirror Image

    Needs to be framed!
  7. Clam sale weekend!

    I like this post a lot!!!
  8. Interesting. Would like to see how that goes!
  9. Anybody else into RC?

    Always wanted one as a kid. Been thinking about picking up one of these but not sure what I'd do with it. Most likely break It!
  10. Yes, all four panels come off for easy access. Not sure why I didn't think of that before!! I've been really enjoying this build so far!
  11. I like ponape. Anyone have a nice ponape frag for me??
  12. Still one of the best top offs on the market. Great deal!
  13. The stand I'm not sure who built but I picked up from upscales for an excellent deal. I love the industrial look and magnetic panels. The tank is a low iron built by oceans by design.
  14. Need a home for my 125gal SPS Tank

    Definitely part out as Jeremy has suggested. You'll make more that way too. Try bundles. All coral, all fish and all rock.. then equipment.
  15. I wouldn't trade a brushless master flex for a kh guardian or whatever else alk monitor is around the corner.