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  1. Yes Sean i remember when you were still window shopping lol.. You were always courteous and let us take care of customers that were shopping first. I always enjoy helping people out and hearing their experience afterwards. Looks like I'll be helping at cuttlefish again and I'm more than happy to help and get reef tanks going in the right direction. Jeff is very knowledgeable and also always makes himself available to everyone. Shopping or Not! So yeah, swing by!! Lol
  2. Having worked at a shop I'd say it's cool as long as you don't swamp the employees with every question imaginable. Taking care of livestock, customer service and making sales can be challenging as is. All within reason I suppose. If it's very busy and you're not in a hurry just wait it out til things slow back down.
  3. I have a fresh water 20gallon comes with castle and few tetras I can add to the deal.
  4. Will you take 100?
  5. I'm gonna start believing these things!! Lol
  6. It was a lucky guess I swear
  7. Zen reef
  8. Caolewis is the Chef and beer503 is the sous chef
  9. I got to see his tank in person not too long ago and it's beautiful.. I like finding excuses to visit Son .. and you should too lol
  10. Son, you and Tom are very generous. Always have been to me. I think we should let Tim name the piece. Just waiting to hear back from him so we can get him squared away with a frag.
  11. Awww.. thank You! I'm sure you can relate in how proud a child can make you feel
  12. I taught my little girl how to ride a bike. We had been working on it since earlier this year and she finally got it! It was very rewarding!
  13. Great corals and great prices as always!