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  1. I'll take baby jawbreaker number one and one polyp utter chaos Kim
  2. Clowns

    Decided I'm going to keep these two. Thank you for the offers. Please close.
  3. Complete system parting out!

    Just waiting for paypal address Matty!
  4. Clowns

    Possibly.. any nice acros? Maybe zoas?
  5. Complete system parting out!

    Anyone wanna split the apex with me? I just need the screen!
  6. Clowns

    Looking to re home and reduce the bioload in my tank. A beautiful snow onyx and black phantom. I've owned them for about 10 months. They are healthy and eat pretty much anything. 120 for the pair.
  7. 92g Oregon Reef

    Wouldn't even know that's on a budget!! Great build!
  8. Wtb aqua controller screen

    I need a replacement. Thank you though!
  9. Exactly that. Anyone have a screen they can sell? Just the screen. Thanks!
  10. You guys do realize that's Robyn tank right?? She posted that a few days ago along with a bunch of other stuff in the classifieds.
  11. Blue face angel

    You knew it was a gamble the day you got it!!
  12. FS: leopard wrasse & 2 silver cardinals

    I dont think so!! Muahahaha
  13. FS: leopard wrasse & 2 silver cardinals

    Sweet I'm in beaverton too so I can pick up pretty much anytime.
  14. FS: leopard wrasse & 2 silver cardinals

    Says you're not receiving messages. I'll take the leopard if Ron doesnt.
  15. Home for Sale!

    I'll take the dryer if Zoolander takes the washer!