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  1. Jorge

    105g build

  2. Jorge

    105g build

    Impressive no doubt. My goal was to keep it as basic as possible but having that much control and knowing what your tank is doing at all times, adding modules just seems like the right thing to do! After all, peace of mind doesn't have a price right??
  3. Jorge

    105g build

    Nothing in mind yet but I did choose the apex because of all the modules available. I wouldn't mind a couple leak detectors.
  4. Jorge

    105g build

    Haha it was never about that. I just really need this stuff lol
  5. Jorge

    105g build

  6. Jorge

    Shout to C&C

    Wow cnc really stepping up their game!
  7. Jorge

    105g build

    I got bored of your tank too lol
  8. Jorge

    105g build

    She's in folks! I still need to get the sump in and hang the lights. We decided to go with the deluxe because of the nice hanging kit! Jeff has convinced me onto sand. He made a good point. Cnc brings in some some of the most amazing wrasses and I'd hate to miss out on them.
  9. Jorge

    Rare new Blenny at cnc!!

    Isn't it a beaut!!!😅
  10. Meet the Aladdin Blenny! A cnc exclusive!
  11. Jorge

    105g build

    The vidarock crew is sending me a beautiful replacement at no extra cost! Excellent customer service for those who ever cared for this stuff.
  12. Jorge

    105g build

    Tank arrived yesterday at the one and only cuttlefish and corals! Thanks Jeff and staff!
  13. Jorge

    105g build

    I've got a feeling theyre gonna want to send epoxy and tell me to fix it.
  14. Jorge

    105g build

  15. Jorge

    Excited!! Battle Corals order on way

    Oh sorry.. just saying pest free is great but dip anyway lol