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  1. So I am curious as to the state of TFT. Is it still happening? I can no longer find where to post about my tank so I am trying here. We changed out our Large system to a 180 gallon shark tank. I am curious if anyone is interested in our old setup?
  2. mrwheeling

    Livingstone Adventist Academy

    Yep, Hi everyone, I will get a pic up soon.
  3. mrwheeling


    Just wanted to say thanks Issac (Mandinga) for the generous donations. TFT wouldn't happen without people like you. The frags are great and the skimmer and other supplies are really going to help out our classroom tank. Thanks a bunch!
  4. mrwheeling

    flatworm eating nudi

    I would love to be put on that list. My classroom tank is covered!
  5. mrwheeling

    Catch from 4th of July tidepooling!

    If the cucumber is white and looks almost sticky it would be Eupentacta quinquesemita. Also known as the white sea cucumber.
  6. It is always a pleasure to meet and great all of you that support TFT! I just wanted to put out a big thanks to everyone that donated stuff at the meeting. Thanks Steelhead for the xenia, the kids always love it! Thanks kilmca for the hammer coral, it was great chatting with you. Thanks to C0lan and to someone else for your monetary donations for xenia, you purchased food for the classroom tank. Thanks also to Jeramy for the sumps, saved a bunch of time of trying to make them. Thanks Derbird for the macro, that makes 4 type of macro we have for next year! So thanks to everyone else, I got a few frags from some people, not sure who, but thanks. I hope all you enjoyed your food at the meeting and hopefully I didn't screw it up to badly! I would HIGHLY recommend to any other teachers to come to meetings! It is great meeting and chatting with the people that make our aquariums possible.
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    Macro Needs

    Sounds Great! Thanks a bunch!
  8. mrwheeling

    Macro Needs

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the support this last year. I had great success with my marine biology class and coral growth studies. I will try and post some pics of before and after next time I am at the school. This next year I am going to do some studies on various types of macro algae. I am going to start growing it this summer so I have enough of each type to do experiments and the such. So, if any of you have some macro algae of any type feel free to bring it to the meeting on sunday. I will be there and will happily collect it from you. Thanks again for all your help!
  9. Hey Ryan, I have a 90 gallon tank that was donated to me that I haven't had time to get up and going, if you want it you can have it! It has a center duel overflow, really nice looking actually. It had a small leak, but I have the tube of glue stuff to get it all buttoned up that you can have too. Let me know!
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    WTS/WTT sump

    do you have a photo?
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    Happy BDAY Mohaynow!

    Happy B-day! Josh
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    Photo Updates

    Sorry for the poor pictures and dirty tank, but it has been awhile since I've updated and thought you might like to see what we've been up to.
  13. I just wanted to share some recent adds to our classroom tank. Thanks Stu(aquaticengineer) for the T.pods! They are cool. The kids were amazed how small they were. Hopefully we can be as successful with these as we have been with the phyto. Thanks Jared (nelsz3) for the zoathids! They look great!
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    Zoathids and Tigger Pods

    Thanks for the heads up I've edited the names now.
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    My students have been culturing phytoplankton and are doing a great job. They are hoping to sell it to raising enough money to buy salt, food and supplies for the classroom tank. We have five 2-liter cultures going right now and could do more if there was enough demand. We were hoping to sell a 500ml bottle of phyto for 10 bucks or take donations for stuff we need for the tank in exchange. We can produce around 10 500ml bottles a week right now. Let me know if anyone would be interested in this. I'm not even sure how many people purchase this on a regular basis. Thanks! Robbie
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    Special thanks to all of our sponsors from TFT

    Yes indeed, thanks to all the sponsors. I and my students greatly appreciate their support.
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    Would TFT like my tank/stand/lights?

    Hey Gillian, thanks for the tank donation! Thanks also Josh for delivering it to my school. It was fun showing you my classroom. I can't wait to get the tank patched up and working.
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    Free to good home mated pair of clown fish

    I would love to take them, I'm hoping to teach my students about breading fish in the next year or so, so that would be super cool. I'm affraid I wouldn't be able to make it out to Boring, OR I'm not sure if anyone is traveling from there to Salem, if so let me know. Hopefully that all works out! Thanks.
  19. mrwheeling

    Pictures from Today's meeting!

    It was great meeting everyone as well, nice to put faces to names. Thanks to all who support TFT, well we appreciate it. Thanks Kimberlee for hosting, fun stuff.
  20. mrwheeling

    Cukes Galore!

    For anyone that knows me well they know that I LOVE cukes. Today Garrett got in 140 cucumbers and it made my day to see that many at one place so I had to share this with everyone because everyone needs cucumbers! They are the best! My students still don't believe me that cucumbers are the best, but I am still trying....
  21. We had a great class today. The kids were able to do some fragging and mounting on plugs. Thanks Garrett (Premium Aquarium) for donating all the stuff so we could do this lab!
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    Student Website

    My students are up and running with their coral growth project and tank parameters. They've just started but I wanted to share so everyone could see how much your donations are helping out with the students learning. tinyurl.com/mbiolaa Thanks again for all your donations!
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    Student Website

    The foxface is doing awesome! It already cleaned up all of the hair algae in like three days!
  24. mrwheeling

    Student Website

    Yep, you should see some of yours in there! Thanks again for helping out my class!