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  1. bace


    in the words of "princess bride": Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that or in simpler terms I'm getting married in a few hours.(party) (jail)(laugh)
  2. I just picked mine up from Beth. Thanks for having me over your tanks look great. Thanks again for setting this up Jesse. I'm happy that I won something (laugh)
  3. bace

    large frogspawn for sale/trade

    sorry but no thanks. I may just bring it to a store for credit. Seems there's not a whole lot of interest in this.
  4. bace

    large frogspawn for sale/trade

    still have it if anyone is interested. I got a cellphone pic of it now.
  5. bace

    large frogspawn for sale/trade

    just some zoas or chalices. make me some offers please. I don't really even know what this thing is worth... so please try to make an offer you feel is fair.
  6. while moving things around in my tank yesterday and I accidentally broke my frogspawn in half. Each half has 20+ heads. I plan on keeping half of it and thought I'd trade or sell off the other half. I'd like to trade it for some zoas or some kinda of chalice. as for cash price I really have no idea how much these go for $5/ head? I'll post some pics soon I'm having trouble with my camera. well here's an old picture of the whole thing. It was a bit bigger then this before I broke it.
  7. I would love the chalice. they are my new "thing" right now (clap)
  8. I'm I allowed a final post? I'm counting as high as 28 right now. sorry for the blurry pics I recently moved and can't find my camera also I'm a poor photographer. pissed off: slightly less pissed off:
  9. well first place will not be me it seems (sad) I think there are 26 I keep losing count
  10. man I thought I was doing pretty well.... I've only got 13
  11. bace

    Fish flakes

    I've not had too much experience selling stuff here but everyone I've dealt with has been great. If they have backed out of the sale I've gotten reasons why and when I've set up to meet people they have always shown up. I may just be lucky I suppose but I really appreciate that everyone has been so dependable. I've done my best to follow through with everything I've bought. I've had dealing with a few of you now and as far as I know I've done good on my end. If not by all means let me know If ever I was stuck with a cooler full of coral like that I'd be making a few angry calls lol
  12. 6 polyps 2 almost full grown babies and 4 nubs
  13. bace


    I would love to try and I will some time. However, now is not my time to try. sounds like it's a very rewarding experience.