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  1. My 55 gallon Reef

    Here is my work in progress 55 gallon reef tank
  2. Video of my 55 gallon reef

    Here is the link let me know what you all think
  3. FS 14g nano w/stand, rock, coral!!!

    nano Do you still have the tank. Would you do 150 Timothy
  4. FS 14g nano w/stand, rock, coral!!!

    Do you still have the tank. Would you do 150 Timothy
  5. Share the Love....dang ding dangs

    Share the love
  6. CA2OR Zoa Grow Out Competition

    Ok what's your paypal or cN I drop cash off when we pick up?
  7. CA2OR Zoa Grow Out Competition

    Ok So the cost is 10 and its who ever grows the most heads wins prizes what happens to the zoas.
  8. CA2OR Zoa Grow Out Competition

    Is it to late to get in?
  9. 24 gallon aqua pod

    I'm really interested also but need pics
  10. Quick Q about zoas

    I was wondering if you can let multiple zoanthids touch eachother? I have four different kinds of zoas and they are starting to grow toward one another is this going to be ok if they touch?
  11. Quick Q about zoas

    Ok I will have to post a few of mine so you all can tell me which one I even have. Thanks will post pics soon
  12. Quick Q about zoas

    Oh really I didnt know that about acans thats really cool do they mix colors like the zoas
  13. All for sale! Hurry!

    What the price on the 29 gallon?
  14. The Pac-16

    Hey there, I hate that all sports are about the dollar anymore. Like you all said its not about loyalty anymore its only about how much can this get me. I love that the ducks got that QB he sounds like he is a great fit for the ducks and might be able to run and gun alittle better now. I wish they would give Texas the finger I would love to see them join into the pac 10 cause they are such a good team. but now they think they are better than everyone they can go fly a kite. I cant wait to hear all the new teams into the league it will be great and maybe make the pac 10 even better than they already are. Timothy PS I want joey harrington back he was a great QB just didnt do well in the NFL
  15. I'm a Believer!

    I think a QT tank is a good idea if the fish are sick in your tank you have somewhere to move them to and keep everything else in your yank healthy
  16. Please ID

    I am unsure what the green things are that are in the photos? They have started to turn up and have like a sponge looking texture to them any info on this would be great? also if they are good or bad
  17. Please ID

    Yeah all my sponges love to be under the rock thats where they all are at. I keep having them come up every where. Is there anything that might eat them?
  18. Show me your clowns!

  19. Show me your clowns!

    Yeah I would hate to cause problems with the others I should be ok with adding another B&W clown in around 3months? My wife and I have a reef tank/Clown only tank
  20. Show me your clowns!

    That's really cool I'm thinking of adding a Maroon clown to my trio anyone have any experince with adding them to a trio or even a pair?
  21. Show me your clowns!

    Yeah they are really cool I love the mix of the colors. The B&W is going to be the female for sure she runs the tank. They all get along great I have never seen any bulling of any one. My wife and I just had our second daughter and now my oldest says wheres mimis nemo So im really thinking about adding another one to the tank? what you all think? The B&W clown is coloring up really nice shes getting bigger and bigger everyday and has now found a host some times all three of them host in my RBTA at the same time its a sight to see. Timothy PS Thanks so much for the great clowns Dave keep up the great work.
  22. The Pac-16

    Yeah I wouldn't mind seein either one of them win costa had some good skills when he was playing last year. I can't wait to see there defence this year it's always a weak spot for us. I hope they got some good DBs to fill the the gaps. Impur have you made it to any of the spring games? Or seen practice?
  23. The Pac-16

    I love the pic you posted there impur. Go ducks. They will find another QB to fill the roll. Any guesses on who will step up?
  24. The Pac-16

    One more thing please please lets get a playoff in football
  25. The Pac-16

    All I have to say is go Oregon ducks We are going to the National stage year..... GO Ducks . I love that they are getting some better teams in the PAC 10...