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  1. new bio cube

    Just got this tank back from a friend i sold it about 6 months ago and my buddy just gave it back. There was a new addition of a zebra moray eel and 6 damsels I've only had it back for three days. Can't wait to get it setup just the way i want let the fun begin.
  2. Rubbermaid Sump

    They need to be food grade rubermaids brute line is ok to use
  3. biocube sump

    Thanks for the info you'r sump looked good i'll get my sump going soon and post some pics
  4. biocube sump

    Thanks for the info you'r sump looked good i'll get my sump going soon and post some pics
  5. biocube sump

    My son has a 29 gallon biocube he got for his b-day and where thinking about adding a sump any thoughts. I've seen a couple way s to go about it not sure what is the best drilling the tank or a hob for the sump? Thanks for the help.
  6. when i moved my 125 gallon reef i baged all the fish & coral put all the water in container's it was about 100 miles door to door.Every thing made it just fine you might want to put a heater in the water i forgot to all should go well good luck.
  7. So what did you just buy for your tank???

    Just got a new light for my 125 3 250watt MH and 3 65watt attincs and a 1800gph pump to go with my sump.Oh and i got 40 hermits 15 nassiris 10 snails.
  8. tank wont stop slurping sond

    The water level is the same as my old sump and the old pump never did it intill the was super low.The water returns threw the bottom of the tank with the pump sumerged and the drain hoses are not in the water.Sump is in the same location so im not sure thanks for all the help
  9. tank wont stop slurping sond

    Its the same pump as i had before could my tank be unlevel and would that cause that slurping?any idea on why my pump would suck so hard it makes a wirl pool and sucks air
  10. tank wont stop slurping sond

    I did put a new 1800gph pump i think the old one was the same size ill have to double check that
  11. tank wont stop slurping sond

    if its not a bend in the return what else could it be any ideas?
  12. tank wont stop slurping sond

    found a small bend in the hose it seems to be better but my pump started to suck so hard it created a whirlpool and sucked air what is going on
  13. I have a 125 gallon reef ready tank dual over flow in the rear.Just took tank a part to put a biger sump under it put it back togther now it wont stop the slulrping.The water level on the right side is were the problem i can watch it fill up then dump didnt do this before any ideas?
  14. ID this fish please

    ya its a engineer goby i had one and they suck i would get rid of it all it does is engineer holes evrey where
  15. i spent 1100 on my tank up and running a few years ago and 90 for my large naso