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  1. modularduck

    Major Change in Plans

    Thats Ubercool man Gratz....now make with the pics
  2. modularduck

    Twitterbait = Great

    thanks again for everything. you rock man. be sure and let me know when those chalice(s?) get bigger and you have a couple extra. thanks again!(clap)
  3. modularduck

    Twitterbaits 10g Nano BB reef

    that chalice frag is super nice, if you ever cut it let me know! nice little system. the one in the second pic. that is, is the first one green with pink mouths?
  4. modularduck

    Sad, sad day

    I am sorry to hear about the loss in your family. words can't truly express what you must feel and the empathy that we all feel for you right now. many good thoughts your way
  5. modularduck

    My new tank

    Really awesome looking tank! looks like you have put a lot of work into it. i really like the way you have used it in the space also!
  6. modularduck

    Ryans "24G Pod" Thread

    http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-11/fm/feature/index.php linky to pics and info on Fu Man Chu lions, hope it helps, i really like your pod.
  7. modularduck

    New Tank

    Super nice Yasha! i have one in my AP24 also. he is quite interactive once acclimated to his surroundings and hooked up with is pistol. they are very cool. nice tank!
  8. modularduck

    Barelycuda's ever evolving clownfish system

    WOW super cool stuff..you must have a very understanding wife...or she has lots of jewelry lol. very cool!
  9. modularduck

    24g of love...

    Indeed! more corals...well found a temporary fix to my immediate lack of space problem and put some of my corals into the mantis tank for more decoration i also make shifted my old hood into a new light for the mantis tank. but this is not the mantis tank so i digress. i finally got around to finishing my 1st chamber fuge and did much reaquascaping in an effort to make more room and prepare for the NWCFM. i visited both Upscales and Seahorse this weekend and pulled a few frags from both. I am so glad that we are blessed with such great LFS here!! thanks to all!! any way here are some new pics. FTS some Zoas rics acans
  10. modularduck

    Boba Fett's 5.5g wonderland

    I personally have never seen one but i don't doubt that it happens, given the size and power that some can attain. here is a new FTS as of today with new aquascaping and added corals from the 24 so i could make more room for new stuff pending my eventual set up of a prop tank...
  11. modularduck

    16 gallon cube of madness

    is it a mastif? really cool looking set up. nice work on the stand and sump looks really cool!
  12. modularduck

    Cat who predicts death!?!?!

    wow that cat grew up in the crazy house.....and now has super powers...
  13. modularduck

    Boba Fett's 5.5g wonderland

    it is a G.Smithii it is a small smasher. and while most larger smashers should be in acrylic G.Smithii does not have the power to break glass. here is a link that has much info on the different types. of mantis. http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/arthropoda/crustacea/malacostraca/eumalacostraca/royslist/index.html#directory brandy yeah i love sun corals, even the all black ones, the down side is that you have to feed every head and if you have a large one that takes time also i moved this from mt other tank because everytime i fed it the cleaner and peppermint would steal its food. but they are beautiful
  14. modularduck

    World of Warcraft

    yeah it does kinda suck when you consider that your already payin 15 bucks a month to play and there are constant updates and server crashes. but hey crack is crack and people will pay for it.....i do. lol