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  1. Sol

    Fish for sale

    Nothing until the livestock is sold Then, one tunze 6201 and one tunze 6205 Sol
  2. Sol

    Fish for sale

    Bump, still all available. Make an offer on prices, I'd really like to get moving on this and will accept most offers! Sol
  3. Sol

    Fish for sale

    bump. Sol
  4. Sol

    Fish for sale

    Sorry for the lousy pics but it gives you a sense... Sol
  5. Sol

    Fish for sale

    Due to some unexpected life changes, I'm getting out of the hobby and the fish are the first thing to go. Here's what I've got for sale: Medium/large blond naso tang, about 5" $50 Medium/large tomini tang, about 4-5" $60 4 blue/green chromis $20 for the group 3 bartletts anthias (all female currently) $80 for the group or $30 each 1 female true percula clown $15 Sol
  6. Sol

    Sicce SKimmer Pump

    The price difference is because lagunas need (or at least always are given) a custom volute. There's a lot of labor in that, compared to just a new impellar for the sicces. Which ones are goofy?
  7. Sol

    Sicce SKimmer Pump

    Looking through that QO thread I disagree with a lot of what they're doing--mostly the total crap they're using for venturis. Remember, guys--if you're running your venturi wide open and the pump isn't cavitating, the venturi is the limiting factor. To maximize air, you need a venturi that can supply more air than the pump can handle. Then dial down the air with a valve on the air intake until the pump stops cavitating. Sol
  8. Sol

    Sicce SKimmer Pump

    At a minimum, you'd have 1. mesh mod it (grind off the impeller paddles, drill holes, zip tie on PF4 mesh) 2. make a venturi (I'd use a classic herschel venturi, see http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1475538) Ideally, you'd also use a dremel to 3. bore out the intake for less restriction 4. contour/enlarge the volute 5. bore out the output for less restriction (in that order of importance/usefulness.) There's a thread on modding these pumps somewhere on reefcentral but I don't know where. Sol
  9. Sol

    Sicce SKimmer Pump

    Depends how much air you want out of it. With just a mesh mod the QO does 800 or so; if you bore out the inlet, outlet, and volute, you can get it up to 1100 or 1200 lph. I've never heard of an eheim 1248...do you mean 1048? Or 1250? Sol
  10. Sol

    Sicce SKimmer Pump

    They're pretty good. They're fairly noisy (not like a gen-x or anything, but much louder than a eheim or laguna). They run kind of hot. The air to watts ratio is fantastic, and the air to water ratio is quite good. If you want the same pump for a 1/3 the price, the quiet one 3000 is identical to the sicce. IMO, at this point there's no reason to use skimmer pumps other than the askoll/laguna based models. You can buy a laguna powerjet 1500 for $150 vs the sicce for $125, and the laguna will get easilty 1800 LPH of air vs the sicce's 1000, will have a better air to water ratio than the sicce, and be much quieter to boot. Sol
  11. Fine tuning. A ball valve is pretty much on or off with only a little tuning in between. A gate valve has a lot more control. Sol
  12. I STRONGLY recommend using a gate valve over a ball valve for this. Sol
  13. Sol

    Does anyone here BBQ/Smoke?

    On a little bit of a tangent, for those of us without the means to cook our own BBQ, what are your guys' favorite bbq restaurants? For me it's probably Yam-Yams or smoking pig (a food cart on SW 5th) -Sol
  14. Sol

    tank for sale

    Here's a picture: As you can see, it has a black background and left side. Back left overflow with holes for bulkheads. Polished front seam. -Sol
  15. Sol

    tank for sale

    Replied to. -Sol