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  1. Looking for pond plants( lettuce , hyacinth , etc, wholesale. Would like to get ASAP
  2. jptrson

    Frag Tank

    I don't think so becuase she never really cleaned it, but will look into it closer since it looks wiped down somewhat on the front.
  3. jptrson

    Frag Tank

    It's about a 1-1/2 years old, built by Ruben (advance plastics)(whistle) One input drilled far right in picture, 2 drains just out of veiw on left side bottom. It was set up in my dauhgters garage, she moved out and son-in-law wants the roomDOH!
  4. jptrson

    Frag Tank

    Like I said, still needs a good cleaning. [/img] [/img]
  5. jptrson

    Frag Tank

    I will get tomorrow,but is covered with coraline.
  6. jptrson

    Frag Tank

    Frag tank for sale 96"L x 30"w X 18"h .(drooler) Acrylic, Only one center divider $350.00 Does need cleaning before pick up.(whistle) Redmond, Oregon
  7. jptrson

    From Frank's wife Sheri....

    Frank, Sorry for your loss and I commend you for moving forward, But i would involve the police and check Craigslist and Ebay for your items. I had suspicions of some one in my store shoplifting, but did not actaully see him until the last time he came in and then we found this on http://bend.craigslist.org/for/1659791913.html and saw many of our missing items(flame)
  8. jptrson

    Snails don't live...

    Margaritas are actaully cool water snails and don't tend to last long in warmer water.
  9. jptrson

    PNWMAS Top 10 pick up lines

    My cucumber swells 10 times it's size at night!
  10. jptrson

    Think I'm done - stuck a fork in myself

    If you need help let me know, I'll come over and remove a bottle of worms for you.
  11. If you come through Redmond, let me know. I may have something for you.
  12. jptrson


    Talk to Charisse on the Blasto, she might be able to hook you up.
  13. jptrson

    Best Algae eaters.

    Sea Hares need to be acclimated over several hours. I keep them in our frag tank, and have lost very few.
  14. jptrson

    Mystery Fish!! Can you ID?

    Looks like a small Kelpfish, used to catch them in the tidepools of California.