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  1. CCR

    Another Store hit with copper

    It was just on channel 8. I have been off for a while. !st I have heard of it. What BS
  2. Pending Sale..............
  3. Killer pricing to go to new home (s) today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. No I don't. Seen them cheep though. I tried to price this with that in mind. No kidding at all on this pump. It mooves a LOT of water!!!!!
  5. Around 1,500 rounds. I have had this gun for around 15 years. Haven't shot it for 6 or 7 years with the kids. I always wanted to go prairie dog shooting, but never did
  6. WITH MY EYE GETTING OLD. My plinking days are over. $150. obo
  7. BOTH SOLDRPS-3000 Recirculating Protein Skimmer with Needle wheel impeller. 7.8" Diameter 29.64" High for aquariums up to 400. Best skimmer i have ever used. Moving plans have chaned somewhat so selling a few more things wow I think I hit the wrong key!!!. NOT $175.00. BUT 135.00 Footprint 9" x 21"[/img] [/img][/img][/img] By far the best ever are Tunze. Never Ever have had any problems with a tunze product.This model processes 3175 gallons per hour while only drawing 45 watts of power. It is adjustable. Every other slot clipped for even more flow. Price $125.00 [/img][/img][/img][/img]
  8. Time to move them out. Lets talk now...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!