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  1. Weird! I'll look into that. Making Jay give you a jingle. (Five minutes later...) Fixed the PM issue, don't know why I had it turned off.
  2. Ditto! Since Chief isn't on, I'll pester you for a frag!
  3. You know, you could just hang up all your gear and stop watching sports. (naughty) It's not a new job, it's a transfer within the grocery company he's been working for. He hated the store he was transferred to after the Grove store closed down, so he opted for the one hour commute rather than stay in Pleasant Hill. Or maybe the reason he gave was an excuse... maybe he wanted to get away from the nagging wife! (wife)
  4. I'll toss you around like an old rag, Blaine. Dang it, I need a spanking smilie! (naughty)
  5. I can't believe my "loving" husband gave me grief about my age! (wife) Course, R-3 was kind enough to bring up the copious amounts of gray hair I have. Ryan, you sure do know how to charm the ladies! (laugh) I have my cube... I'm just waiting for Master Payne to get his nitrate problem under control in my 350 gallon sump so I can have my zoa garden again. Sadly, I think I'll be starting my collection over from scratch thanks to the tank crashing on him. (sad)
  6. So I finally got Jay to start playing. We're so nerdy, we have two accounts! So if any of you are still actively playing and feel like rolling another toon... do it on Shandris on the horde side. Yes, I have horde characters now. (laugh) Jay is Draakos and I am either Kalgaar or Kalmoira. He's an orc rogue, Kalgaar is an undead warlock and Kalmoira is a troll hunter. And if I can score 7 more sigs "The Army of Darkness" can go live. I tried bribing the lowbies with silver with no luck. I can't believe the name wasn't taken as it is one of the best horror/comedy movies ever! (clap) So help an undead chick out, eh? (naughty)
  7. rofl Don't give Jay any ideas with the spankings! (laugh)
  8. Just PM one of those three profiles, the profiles will be checked daily for PMs.
  9. rofl That's right, you get too close to me and I'll bite the heck out of you! Don't invade my territory! (laugh) I, for one, would pay to see our fearless leader dressed up in clown finery! (drooler)
  10. That would be a great idea... you need to email Blizzard! And tell them to give a family rate for multiple accounts, too! (laugh)
  11. No monthly fee for SC? Well, heck! That would be great! I can't believe how much Blizzard is raking it in with WoW. You, sir, sway me to give it a go! (laugh)
  12. I hear you, sister! We don't like polyp devouring tank plagues! rofl
  13. I'll admit, SCII looks pretty sweet! I used to play RTS quite a bit before I discovered RPGs. Maybe, if they have a trial, I'll give it a spin to see what it's like. Wait, I did that with WoW and I got sucked into it's sticky, sweet lair. I need to stay the heck away! rofl
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