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New Join from Springfield

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Hello everyone. My wife and I have been in this hobby for a long time (10+ years) but never really became apart of any clubs or groups. After looking through this site, it seems like it could be fun to meet up with some fellow hobbyist and do some frag swapping. Our tank is a 180 gallon.

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Welcome!  Glad you decided to join in.  While most members are a bit further north, we do have some folk from down in that area that post regularly and occasionally make it to meetings further south.  We try to spread the meeting around a bit to help encourage participation across the area but it can be challenging for sure.  We have a voluntary member map feature that shows club member and LFS locations so that might help see who could be close enough to you for some frag trading.  As always, keep an eye on the classified posts for deals.  You should post up some pics and description of you system when you get a chance - sounds like it is pretty mature.

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