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Barrier Reef's 2018 Customer Appreciation Sale

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Barrier Reef's 2018 Customer Appreciation Sale

Featuring 30% Off All Livestock!

Includes Fish, Coral, Clams, Inverts, & Live Rock. No limitations!

More info on the rest of the specials to follow. We will be continuing our new sale schedule to keep things less crowded for you all, as well as the fish and coral.

-Save The Dates-

Wednesday April 25th - Private pre-scheduled appointments only (more info to follow). Closed to the public unless you book an appointment.

Thursday April 26th - Closed For Restocking - No Sale

Friday April 27th - Sale open to everyone 10am - 7pm. No appointment needed.

Saturday April 28th - Sale open to everyone 10am-6pm. No appointment needed.

Sunday April 29th - Sale open to everyone 11am - 5pm. No appointment needed.

Sorry during our sale there are no holds.

If you want first pick of all the great corals and fish + no crowds or waiting, set up an appointment for Wednesday April 25th. We will be closed to the public this day, and we will schedule six customers each hour, that will be helped by the five employees working that day. Yes you can bring family members. Appointments start at 10AM and are on the hour every hour. We will break for lunch between 1PM and 2PM. The last appointments start at 6PM. All the sale specials are good this day! Our specials will be posted soon.

If you are interested in scheduling one of these slots please PM me, or email cy@barrierreefaquariums.com, with up to three time slots, in order of preference, that would best fit your schedule on Wednesday April 25th. I need your first and last name and a phone number. The scheduling of these time slots will be done on a first-come first-serve basis. If ANY slot works for you please indicate this in your PM. Please don't commit to a time slot if you are not sure you can make the appointment.

Remember, no appointment needed to come take advantage of the sale Friday April 27th - Sunday April 29th and we will be re-stocking the tanks with new fish, corals, and inverts almost every day!

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