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Jeramy's entry Grow out

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Howdy Folks prepare to bow done to the Awesomeness of this mighty system.



First things first the Zoas at 4 heads.



System Information


Tank 20g long custom AIO

Filter Sunsun 402b with 9 watt uv

First gen Nuvo protein skimmer

RW4 pulse lowest settings

WP10 else mode

Return is proved by the canister approximately 150gph (rated at 254 but that is a wild exaggeration)

15ish pounds of live rock

15ish pounds of live sand

Light Halo 85 watt 8 hrs on with blue 1hr before and after.

I dose 2ml Kent Essential Elements

Two little fishes kalk stirrer

JBJ ato

Water change yes usually weekly 5g

Clean canister filter monthly

Running Seachem pond matrix in canister approximately 1 liter

Gfo carbon purigen


Alk 7

Cal 420

No3 -5

Po4 .04

Sal 1.0025

Temp 77


I have 2 fish a clown and a starry blenny

I feed daily with rods and occasionally give a bit of seaweed to the blenny.





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