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FREE tank stand-come and get it in 7 days or less-or its firewood

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Not sharing anything, this is a stand I used to keep my 150-gallon off the floor of my garage.


I need this gone by next Sunday so let me know if you want it for free, you need to transport it, and I will help load it. I unloaded it my self from my Dodge Durango with the help of a 4-wheel dolly so it’s not that bad


The dims are 74" long 21" deep and 25" tall. It needs some so refinish work( a little sanding and stain and it'll be like new) and they top should be replaced, I was going to do this, which is why you see that one section cut out.


Anyone who has a little craftsmanship will have no problems with this.


If I get no takers I am going to chop it up and burn it, which is why I am giving it a week to be "gone"


This holds a tank with a footprint of 72x18


If you can’t pick it up in that time frame don’t even post, I need to make room for a new build I will be doing and this is taking up needed space









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