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  1. Byron

    Couldn't Stay Away

    I got the reference, and Im normally accused of being the youngster at work. Hopefully the photos show up, and if they do sorry for the image quality. Im going to have to learn to take aquarium photos, the lighting is a challenge. My first step is to clean up the existing algae.
  2. Byron

    Couldn't Stay Away

    I had an account about a year and a half ago, williaby, but something happened and the user id didn't work anymore. After a couple of failed attempts at figuring out how to run a 55 before setting up my 200 i ran the tank with just a couple of fish. I've decided to give up the idea of going larger for now and focus on getting everything dialed in on the 55. I have a couple ideas on what was causing some of the issues and hopefully have those resolved. I'll be adding in a few inverts to start before getting some new friends for the existing fish.