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  1. I am still looking to find a home for my eel and get rid of my tank and equipment. I am in Gig Harbor, WA. The moray is about 2ft but still pretty skinny. A 180 would be plenty big enough for him.
  2. I've had various salt water aquariums over the past 5 years, but it is now time for me to get out of the hobby. I currently have a custom 151 gallon tank set up as a reef, however I had a major tank crash a while back and could never get it right again so what coral I have left aren't in the best shape. The only fish inhabiting the tank is my tessalata moray. I also have TONS of salt water supplies some in nice shape others a bit beat up. I would like to see what I have left go to a good home, especially my moray; I love that little guy. So, I thought I would join up here and offering them to a good home for free. I am sorry to join up just for this, but the group I used to belong to, the PSAS, appears to no longer exist. If there is any interest or questions feel free to ask. Thank you, Joseph